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52PKyouxiwang· 2017-08-27 15:39:13

NetEase in the first battle card "secret" showdown in 7 and August were not restricting the number of deleted file test attracted nearly 270 thousand in the game player in the summer, Na vilya, blew up a storm of war card.

" and the traditional electronic popular card game card game that randomly makes the system to replace the random game player strategy of the mainstream of different routes. "Secret of confrontation" more emphasis on process control for its game player game, let the electronic card game return line card that high operating strategy of high fun games, also won the reputation in the line card game player.

itself is a small card game enthusiasts, in the "Duel" during the test was wandering in the FAM and Post Bar official QQ group, the following is small at the end of the test to test the game player of the game for everyone including the classic message, look at the message, is not a thing to impress you reminds you of the first shock against the card when the heart moved?

Post Bar game player * in boiling water Linghu: This is the card game blowout, but still attracted me most fam. With a guilty conscience! The skills and effects are amazing, and the characteristics of different cards are in line with the character of the faction they belong to. For example, red is very cruel and has a strong visual impact. Green special effects are very lovely, environmental protection, white people exciting, blue mystery, wisdom, black magic skills, dark and terrible, visible development group's intentions! Strongly recommend!

*WindSky: Post Bar game player of this game back when liver magic feeling, cemetery artifact, these elements are very brisk, the other Mobile Games card games are more and more simple route, this need to think their fam feeling great. The card system in the appreciation system appeals to me very much, and it is also my motivation to collect new cards. The computer AI is also very high, sometimes with advanced computer daily practice mode, but also lose >.< it is my IQ balance is less than the "img_box"

Q * ERER: Uncle gangster group monster was delayed to the old system to attract the card game player. The delay system really shines, giving me the experience of card games I didn't have before. The game is not friendly to non krypton party, like I do daily tasks every day, at night to play, now open, in addition to the first flush of a novice package, there is no charge, and has collected 80% of the cards.

Q group of flying fish: gangster * get used to the ladder and arena, a little bit tired. Just to play now and fam wheel pumping when the feeling is amazing, especially the four round of pumping slowly from the library card card simultaneously to rival each other. Planting bombs feel a surge of adrenaline! As a once addicted line game game player, until finally a hardcore style line card, look forward to the beta.

forum", "water friend *Bush": "I was attracted to CG because it was like watching the Pacific Rim.". Fam play heroes mode into a sense of feeling, the plot is very strong, know the card character sequence of events suddenly closer to me and the distance between the card, I really feel their commander, can not lose, not willing to give up any card. The storyline of the game is epic and looks forward to a later release.

"of the current" secret showdown delete files test has come to an end. It is reported that NetEase will be opened in mid September does not delete files, the official website of the reservation, to participate in the appointment of players will receive a lot of extra benefits. You want to experience the first time the hitherto unknown hard "card"? Please pay attention to the official website of the latest news, ~

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