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studio in Beijing such as August 26th 18 held a press conference, and announced a number of new works, this paper will summarize the content of the conference, welcome collection attention.

" to watch the live game player, there is YouTube live portal: click here "

" such as 2 officially announced, a legendary second heavy

bomb in August 26th's "dragon studio" conference, officially announced the "dragon" series of the 2 generation launch heavy plate, such as "2" very, the scheduled launch in December 7, 2017, corresponding to PS4, Chinese version launched simultaneously.

" in the series of the second generation, "dragon" story extended from Tokyo to Osaka, the stage in addition to Tokyo and Osaka heaven God Muromati, ku. Dongcheng and Jinjiang will United two things a gang will be the outbreak of the conflict, the protagonist of "Dragon Island hall" will be on a horse kiriu "Kansai dragon" Goda Ryuji. As

heavy plate, "the new 2" dragon pole elements are as follows:

1, the "6" dragon "dragon" engine development, screen performance upgrade, adventure story through the field exploration and combat seamlessly;

2 added a series of popular role Mashima Goro's operation scenario; "img_box"

3", included the original no new plot sections;

4, part of the new supporting to actors to dub performance;

" "Dragon" in the sale of 2 will be launched simultaneously limit The official version, priced at 11590 yen + tax, including:

1, CD

Disc A: a set of "very famous kiriu" CD

Disc: B "CD

Disc" Mashima Goro saying: "C", "dragon dragon pole pole 2" acoustic "pole" CD

2, the role of the special 10

3, name card all kinds of DLC codes (limited Limited clothing, weapons, games, game gold limited additional role of 1 million yen),

4 PS4

5, head of theme, limited edition box

with "dragon pole 2" launch, has released Series 1 generation heavy plate "dragon pole" will launch a new price version ", for only 1990 yen + tax. "New price edition" will be released on September 21, 2017, the Hong Kong version of the Chinese version simultaneously launched, priced at HK $148.

, however, "extreme 2" is the title...... Can't help laughing.

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