If you love that greasy little sister blade, then you can try this Mobile Games

The game the sky war fighting game player

17173youxi· 2017-08-27 15:39:26

Hello, I'm the leader of online games taste, Dr. X.

said the tour, the first reaction of many students must be "eight guardians", or "wild Soushenji" game. Dr. X recently found on the tour quietly a "sky" Battle Hymn of the novice swim, have similar rich style blade!

by convention first to a "img_box" GIF

" this style highlight 1: < / p>

from small sister Li painting can lick, cross action version of battle mode

"sky" is a song a horizontal version of the RPG Mobile Games perspective. The role of the game made some paintings painted with feeling, also with a point like "greasy" sword of the spirit of the art style (figure is).

" to see people's desire to collect

the battle mode is a horizontal version of the action, a maximum of three people can play, according to the needs of the story sometimes only two or a battle.

" game battle screen is on the upper left corner of the game player hero picture, click the picture to switch characters, after all, computer control character AI is not high, sometimes fighting skills all put off.

battle, controlled by the NPC and teammate you fight together since

is a hero of switching operation, so the hero to collect and develop nature is the biggest "pit of the game". "Sky battle song" role to develop the set of models is also taking the card, collect equipment and strengthening skills upgrading, rising stars have a specific role, Dr. X will not dwell on it.

Rune interface

highlight 2:PVP scuffle play quite interesting, but...

... In addition to the beautiful little sister, "" Battle Hymn of the sky the most attractive Dr. X is similar to the MOBA PVP play . This is the 3V3 fair battle mode and 6 people fighting mode, 3V3 model is divided into two camps, a total of 6 players participate in the war, and 6 people are 6 players fighting chaos, regardless of the enemy, fighting each other.

PVP map is divided into three layers, weeds can be hidden, whether it is to run and hide, attack, can be realized, the premise is enough for the wretched game player and run fast enough in general, hiding in the bushes and harvest Shuangwai experience. However, the current PVP , the matching mechanism is still a big problem, often uneven combat capability has been rolled .

class summary:

total to say, the "sky" Battle Hymn of the game quite bright spots on the screen, the role of vertical drawing very tempting, it can evoke the game player to collect. However, in terms of gameplay and systems, this is still a bit old-fashioned at the moment, the highlights are inadequate.

game follow-up, the potential point is the PVP system, if you can adjust the matching mechanism, adding more battlefield MOBA elements, may become a major breakthrough in the game.

finally according to the practice and give a topic, you think of a game if people especially beautiful can lick, but play is generally not many bright spots, you can play it for a long time?

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