The Japanese use the toilet: this idea is out of the question

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qudongzhijia· 2017-08-27 16:42:06

if your readers have lived in the old building, they will be told not to throw paper into the toilet, because the old sewer is likely to clog up with toilet paper.

even new buildings, because some kitchen waste dumping caused sewer blockages or this is also It is often seen., he endured pungent odor with a toilet brush hangchikengchi through hard skin.

, or is it the cost to ask the workers to come through the drains? Is there any other way?

how can the strict Japanese let go of such household affairs? This does not, there is a dedicated to the toilet through the "Mr.Pung" listed on the ~

Mr.Pung" and the general toilet brush skin is different, it is through the sudden release of compressed carbon dioxide gas out of the sewer, in other words, a little toilet the meaning of gun.

for the effect, very amazing, in the official demonstration, no matter what kind of jam can be "Pung" to be opened.

Mr.Pung is currently $110 on Amazon's price (about 731 yuan), how readers think?

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