Two years later, what happened to Apple TV's game?

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weifengwang· 2017-08-27 16:42:53

once the new concept of

2015 years, we usher in the fourth generation of the Apple TV series. The new Apple TV is a change of the entire TV box product line, because it is integrated into the apple iOS system based on the development of the tvOS, more powerful, more open, also has its own app store. That is to say, since then, Apple TV has its own ecology.

is a little interesting, and that's what Apple sees as the focus of the new Apple TV. In video content applications, as well as everyday information applications, the game has become a major category in the store. In the publicity, Apple will also be the new design of touch somatosensory remote control game control affinity, as one of the main selling point of the new product.

theory, Apple TV main push game experience is not impossible, because it is using a powerful apple A8 chip, the performance is definitely guaranteed. Moreover, for people, the importance of game applications is needless to say. As early as 2015, App Annie, a market research firm, pointed out that mobile gaming revenues accounted for 85% of mobile applications revenue and doubled by 2020. Fourth generation Apple TV has a good performance, based on Apple's strong ecological construction capabilities, can easily bring a wide variety of game applications. It sounds good to be able to comfortably play games in the living room while people use it to watch video content.

so, now, what's the status quo of Apple TV's game ecology? We don't seem to witness the rise of another new game platform. Why is that?

Apple TV

must admit, when the app store Apple TV just on the line soon, the development of its game ecology is the very fast. By December 2015, there were already 1000 games in the store. At that time, the game partition was the undisputed lead in all the store partitions.

however, after such a long time, its development gradually slowed down. According to the website Fast Company cited figures, the current final data (until when unknown) is game applications, with 2704 models. In contrast, the entertainment category has 3875 applications, and there are 1626 types of lifestyle applications. Whether or not the data is up to date, one obvious fact is that the game is no longer the most dominant of the entire Apple TV ecosystem.

if we compare the growth rate, we will find that the problem is more serious than expected. Recent data has seen an increase of 830% in entertainment applications compared with data from December 2015. Regardless of the minimum number of apps used in life, the fastest growth rate is 1080%. By contrast, game apps grew by just 170%. Currently in the Apple TV free application list, the highest ranked game is "every day crossing the road (Crossy Road)", ranked only twenty-eighth. The decline of the

Apple TV game zone is even more alarming in game developers. Developer Raw Fury brought a game called "Kingdom: new Lands (Kingdom:New)", it launched the iOS edition, Xbox One version and Apple TV version. The game is sold 5 months after the sales comparison is: iOS version of 54000 copies; Xbox One version 35000; Apple TV version 600 copies.

so close sales contrast, anyone can see at least Apple TV, at least the game, this has been a serious problem. So what's the problem? Gordon Van Dyke, director of

Raw Fury and founder of the mobile sector (Gordon Van Dyke) on the TV platform Apple said he did not actually ill, but still admits if not transplanted iOS games to tvOS very easy, almost no more publishers are willing to launch the game in Apple TV.

Deckard said that if the game was developed solely for the Apple TV platform, it would be doomed to lose money on the status quo. Raw Fury can launch its Apple TV version of the game, mainly because of its main battlefield on the iOS and the host, sales rely on. IOS porting tvOS is especially easy, and it doesn't cost much. He revealed that more than a Apple TV version, not to earn a little bit of money, but a gesture to apple, expressed support for it, so as to maintain good relations between the two sides. Basically launched Apple TV version of game developers, are based on such considerations. Where's the problem with

? In fact, the answer is not complicated. Even today, the main player of the living room game is still playing the host of the core players. It's unrealistic to expect most people to sit in the living room and watch TV for a while. For core gamers, those mobile games on the Apple TV are not enough; for casual gamers, these games are not as good as hand travel. This will inevitably lead to an awkward situation.

is one of the more deadly things, that is, it's not convenient to play games with remote control, even with touch and body feeling. For the time being, the best game manipulation experience still depends on the entity button, which is the most accurate. shift

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