Strange! 20 dogs were mysteriously dead in the plot

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weilaiwang· 2017-08-27 19:19:53

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Huainan Bagongshan District Bi Village Gang upstream from August 16th to today has continued to die 20 dogs. District residents suspected that someone had poisoned the dog.

the dog died mysteriously more than 4

8 16 September morning, Hu early ready to take part in driving school exam, passing the kennel, found in two normal dog cage. Xiao Hu quickly called his parents to check together.

, although diligently rescue, but the dog still died. Xiao Hu recalled, the night before the incident, she took the dog to the district to go for a walk, and returned when he found the dog is not normal.

small dog keeps death

sister Zhu is the residents of the house, a French Bulldog, in August 5th, her dog to the area, while she found the dog to eat some food.

, at that time, Zhu sister said she did not care, they brought the dog home. That morning, the dog died.

" zhudajie dog died, one after another, the small dog has been dead.

suspected some people throw poison

small nonsense, the district dog deaths are almost the same symptoms. During the period, some residents looked for a veterinarian and found that the dog was poisoned and died. Afterwards, a billboard in the district caught the attention of the residents.

", "small nonsense", their community is moving back to the District, residents are very familiar with. There is a feature of the District, that is, many dogs. Now, the district has died so many dogs, plus that brand, Xiao Hu, they suspect someone is throwing poisoned dog.

" then we came to the residential property in the property -- Donghua group company, residential security confirmed that the property had informed them to strengthen the patrol.

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