Remedial class teacher denounced parents not reported class: will be punished

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[ Abstract ] parents take their children to a counseling class in Ji'nan, consultation, after the school did not sign up for payment, the school teacher curse curse. The teacher admitted that there had been a dispute, and he was scolded by his parents. The future of

network ( in Beijing on 24 August, (reporter Yang Peiying) "now the people to make money, what things do, what is the moral bottom line? "

, this is a high school students, parents from the heart of indignation.

day before, the future network reporter received revelations, Wu Changchun parents take their children to the park in Ji'nan, a new education counseling class, after consulting not in the school registration fee, the school teacher was cursing.

future network reporter called the teacher, the teacher admitted that there have been disputes, and he was scolded parents, scolded very hard, feel aggrieved.

future network reporter called the school principal Ma, President Ma said that the matter has been dealt with, the teacher also apologized to the parents, but parents do not accept, as compensation for the need to take legal proceedings.

" picture for the teacher to parents message screenshot. Provided by parents.

, how can we not be inconvenient in taking our information? "You're the kind of guy who's going to be punished,"

recalls Wu Changchun, who introduced his friend to a new campus in Ji'nan in July 29th, after a friend introduced him to a young woman surnamed yan.

"my child is a year high, two years high, and his grades are average. I want to give him a training course during the vacation to improve his grades.". To go to school, the teacher received us warmly, give the child a test question to do. Because I want to give children math and physics, so she got two teachers together. Finally, she took out a class plan, told me that this is a new learning plan, the child's performance will improve. I didn't say anything else, that is, if it was decided, I could come to class on Monday! (it was Saturday) and when she left, she gave me a new review. "

, in order to find a more appropriate counseling class for the kids, Wu Changchun went to another school to sign up for it.

second days, Yan teacher and Wu Changchun exchanged, and said in accordance with the most favorable price to him. But after investigation, Wu Changchun finally chose other schools to report a short class. Ma asked Wu Changchun why they did not choose their institutions, Wu Changchun said no comment, but a little inconvenient.

" for teachers to message screenshots of parents.

"unexpectedly, at 0:50 a.m. on August 1st, the teacher made a message and swore at me and my child! Fortunately, when the phone mute, I did not see, cursing Wu Changchun and the child! And replaced the head and name. "Wu Changchun said.

future network reporter called the teacher, the teacher admitted that his net name is "orange, banana, watermelon", and later renamed "orange Sheng Huaibei."". The teacher admitted that the information was his own, but denied himself swearing".

"very angry to see the message in the morning."! My wife called to ask why she called names She denied, and the timely replacement of the net, we pull the black! "Wu Changchun said that the next few days has been angry, sleep well.".

, parents were scolded, the teacher pulled black.

in an interview with the future network reporter, Ma denied scolding parents. Ma said, "when he said that Monday came to class, I decided to have a good time with the teachers, and as a result, he did not come, with the class teacher gave me a scolding, because our teacher's time is very tight.". "

teacher angrily told the future network reporter, to his child got a course list, very hard. As a result, parents will not come. Ma said that he was scolded by his parents, scolded very unpleasant, feel aggrieved.

, Yan's parents, and her parents. Miss Yan offers.

principal: economic compensation legal proceedings

Wu Changchun will be reflected in this case, a new park education in Ji'nan, later, claiming to be a responsible person, the headmaster said can help solve.

"at the time, he meant the dismissal of the employee and gave financial compensation of $2000. At that time we did not agree, always feel abused, not money can compensate, mainly apology! Later, after several exchanges, we also found that there is no effort to deal with this matter, and finally agreed to apologize and economic compensation. The two sides agreed to face up to August 7th. But on the afternoon of 6, the president of the horse said, "it can't be solved."! He has no money to pay for it! Let's make a random announcement! He can't handle the report at the headquarters! "Wu Changchun said," park's new attitude disappointed him.

since August 14th, Wu Changchun and his wife have been complaints about the new education through various channels.

he has repeatedly spoken in the public address of the park's new education, which has not been answered until August 21st,

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