The color good headstrong? Zhao Weibao, Nicholas Tse never makes up

Nicholas Tse Zhao Wei Feng Yan Chinese Restaurant

juziyule· 2017-08-28 01:26:46

yesterday's Chinese restaurant had a conversation about skin care and makeup, and Zhao Weikua and Dongyu Zhou had good skin and no make-up.

" and then kept Nicholas Tse filming work never make-up, so many years has been the high ecological value of Yan Jun exclusive benefits

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, also a face of envy, said: "his skin is really good."!

" think of Nicholas Tse from the early years of the cool uninhibited... "Img_box" class=

" to the later mature charm...


so, ever since this sculpted face, you told me it was plain? You need to calm down the orange


" to the US, dressed in white Mo son but can take out when the picture screen wallpaper ↓ "img_box

"flavor" including later in front, although see not much makeup, but also did not think of is pure makeup... You somehow also hit a bottom ah!

" often in the makeup appearance of male artists in addition to Nicholas Tse, the orange gentleman thought of Wallace Huo &darr

" at the premiere of "hide and seek" on top of old cadres with a reflective head modeling debut, said he is not filming makeup, and never care about beauty.

" so that the idol drama young actor, later captured the hearts of thousands of fans on the statue albinopainting... You told me it was all yidams makeup?

" so this is your willfulness is Yan circle?

well, it turns out that the more beautiful you look, the less you care about your beauty... Because he's beautiful!

male artist skin that really makes people envy even says not to export...


beauty identification is completed, many sisters continued to lick the screen!

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