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leikeji· 2017-08-28 05:14:06

" the world's largest strategy consulting firms McKinsey & Company is an in-depth exploration, and the object of their study is the natural is the rapid development of RideShare (in fact is the network about cars). In 2016, RideShare accounted for just 1% of all U.S. vehicle miles, and the car and RideShare industry had great potential to tap into the future.

" with the new function of electric vehicle is unlocked, progress, drivers and passengers to further reduce the cost, and traffic jams and lack of parking place these problems are resolved, RideShare will usher in a dramatic growth.

McKinsey & Company designer said that they believe that more intelligent design, better user experience and advanced technology of RideShare can be brought to a new height.

" for example, bring many new features of a console can drive intelligence, for example, take bus route to confirm the order, end of the trip, passengers, and estimate the camera view on the configuration of internal and external etc..

", and a highly integrated internal experience will also increase the experience of RideShare. The driver's seat can choose audio or environmental conditions, and the car will be equipped with a rear seat display to help passengers avoid using cell phones, batteries and traffic - because the car is equipped with wireless networks and wireless charging.

" at the same time it will also consider our daily commuter habits, bring optimization more personalized experience, such as adjustable rotating seat etc..

" can be said that the future of the car sharing so that passengers have the same working space, wireless network, lighting sound, independent and various other people can adapt to the environment of love.

" and so on RideShare service environment, do not know if you are also very looking forward to it?

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