A pupil got 0 marks, and the teacher almost spits three bowls! Let's see what we've written on the examination paper

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jiatingyishengzaixian· 2017-08-28 06:32:06

" now the children can be smaller than when little much

with little fine like, sometimes blurted out the first sentence of

can make people laugh crazy, adorable adorable DA and stunned the

logic and three don't believe you!


, composition, "Wow, that's beautiful."! "

now the children really wit

a child to the kitty Journal

people trying to go badly in

breathing space also did not forget to praise a really beautiful... At the

"family portrait": the composition of the two

students, a slap in the face, give a Tianzao

dad do not want to get angry!

three ": writing a poem rhyme rhyme"

! Figurative!

mother happy, Dad speechless, you win!

"garbage": the composition of the four

children, you play enough to support a "social law"


": the composition of the five fish you this logic, just God

considered so thoughtful!

I just want to see if you grow up and marry!

" essay six: "if I had only 3 days"

teacher comments:

after three bowls of blood as you say, I have been a "Millennium Laoyao"

": the composition of the seven drowned fish"

children, common sense or have otherwise

365 days a year, you 366 days a year,

eight "again: writing a poem"

little old broken life ah

see through the red screen, feel faint Sad


nine" love composition: concise and comprehensive, is the outcome of the process, picture 100

": the composition of the ten twenty years after my teacher

" the heart is broken, my child, is for you.

you gave me this arrangement in the future...

"of his life" essay Eleven:

hero just died, the child, you don't when

or no one can live more than a set of "img_box

" in mathematics

teacher in your TV drama, I was not so precise than, you give me?

won't your conscience hurt?

", "old iron"! Nothing wrong with it! 666!

teacher, you this question of defective

child, you this new

but to you out of integrity, we learn something okay?

, teacher, am I right? (innocent face...)

teacher, you must not have enough candy in your last life...

teacher very touched, and then rejected him

this is a sad story "

" poem! Good! You have the ability to write poetry, review, review will not be,

, Xiao Ming, the road of life to send a few!

child, you are so frugal

teacher is the happy or happy?

, ha ha ha ha ha...

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