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PingWestpinwan· 2017-08-28 08:56:56

what is Android's flagship mobile phone configuration?

ray (WeChat: leitech) to tell you that the current mainstream of Android's flagship mobile phone is equipped with a Qualcomm snapdragon 835 processor or the same level, 6 started with GB LPDDR4X memory, 64GB started UFS 2.1 flash, but also support the full pixel dual core autofocus camera, HiFi chip quasi professional grade, up to 2K the resolution of the display screen of the PPI in more than 500.

" (Na, flagship mobile phone)

, is it very scary to listen to? in fact, at the data level, the evolution of mobile hardware is very fast, every year, the growth of hardware performance is geometrically high. because of this, many people began to feel that our mobile phone performance has been enough, and even become "surplus."".

is that really the case? Xiao Lei (WeChat: leitech) is going to argue today and tell you why the theory of performance overload is incorrect.

excessive performance of the voice of deja vu,

, today's mobile phone development, just like the PC, are experiencing a slow development from the moment to the outbreak, and then to a steady growth stage.

in the past, in the PC industry, "performance overload" speech is also one after another. Among the most representative of the performance of excess speech or from the legend of the technology industry - Bill Gates's mouth.

Bill Gates is said to have stated in 80s "personal computer memory is 640KB enough in this case. although later Bill Gates denied that he was not the original intention, but this sentence is still regarded as the "performance surplus theory" originator is widely disseminated.

in fact, the memory development of the personal computer is also very swift and violent. The computer memory, which was originally measured by KB, has now risen to the mainstream of 16GB and 32GB. Xiao Lei (WeChat: leitech) although the math is not good, but still know that the middle turned one hundred or two hundred times.

, even so, is the performance of the computer enough? Now AMD and Intel processors are already powerful, and memory specifications are so high, , however, for the individual users, the strongest computer performance is far from the extent of the "excess".

with the computer applications continue to expand the scene, it was found that the computer is not "performance excess", but has been performance is not enough ah. That's why it comes out of a server specific computer and even developed a quantum computer. As far as the current PC performance is concerned, it is far from being able to perform well.

no difference, smooth, far away from us,

Android flagship mobile smooth? Most of them should be very smooth. but Android has had a strange circle since ancient times, no matter how smooth the mobile phone is, it all starts with a "shelf life"". The smooth flow of Android's phones is related to Android's own system code and also to the performance of mobile hardware.

then, is Apple's mobile phone flowing? Of course, we don't talk about the old model. Let's take the latest iPhone 7 as an example. Is iPhone 7 flowing? iPhone 7 is fluent for most of the time, but there are also situations where frame breaks or Caton occur. And the bigger screen, iPhone 7 Plus, "winning" is more likely.

is now equipped with even the most powerful processor, in dealing with the complex application situation will still be computing power shortage. The processing performance of mobile phone processor behind the huge data exchange, will slowly work or reaction, into the user experience of the word is "Carlton".

if the "performance excess", any phone should not appear any Caton case. , after all, the system experience is the most basic needs of mobile phones, if such demand can not meet, and what "surplus"?

high-end game does not get involved in

more than 10 years ago, want to play the game in the mobile state, only one way. But with mobile phones increasing, mobile phones can also play games happily.

from the original "fruit ninja", "angry birds" to today's "king of glory", "NBA 2K", the mobile game picture is also evolving, becoming more sophisticated. The development direction of

mobile phone game is certainly the performance of the screen is closer to computer games, in order to achieve this goal, mobile phone game of mobile phone hardware configuration will rise.

is certainly no longer able to run computer games because of the performance of the current mobile phone processor, and it does not know how many years later the mobile phone will be able to rival the computer.

even if you do not take the desktop game out of playing hooligans, will take mobile games, how many flagship mobile phones dare to shoot the chest, said, running top-level games will be able to run full frame? does not delete frames, does not reduce frequency, and does not kill the background No, even apple

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