Children from the church, these 4 points, where all welcome, the child will thank you in the future!

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every time I see many mother sun baby, I always make sure see comments, because there are always people opposite opinions. But every time, many mothers will think: "their children have a good life on the line, what others do?"

society is so cruel, it is always in contrast, only contrast, to know the value of human beings. If your child is ill bred and bored, it does not matter, and will it be hurt by a child who is being disliked?

a lot of times, adults do their own shape, only to teach children these things, regardless of where children are welcome! Children can also be more interested in growing up, at such a pace to grow up to adults, to get a lot of help, you say he will not turn back to thank you?

basic manners, education must have

when go out, see the public that "baby bear" jumping up and down, from time to time to wear shoes step on the seat, ran into people, among other things...... I saw a lot of people looking ugly around.

such a bear child, who would like it? Some people hate to strangle them! But often by TA wonderful parents to prevent: children are small, not sensible, you care about him?

speaks truly, does not care about with him, lets this kind of habit and the disposition grow up, only then endangers the society?!

learn to control their emotions to control emotions, not only is the child to learn, but also a lot of parents has been practicing the thing. So it's obvious how generic and difficult this "skill" is.

it's normal for a child to act up and act up occasionally, but only if they realize that temper is not his hair, and that every one has a reason to be angry!

in this way, in order to tell others why they angry, and have the opportunity to get the understanding and recognition of others, more able to solve the problem. In the final analysis, it is also the inevitable thing to train "EQ"!

learn to share

share, 1+1 is greater than 2 things. For example, share what you have learned with others, not only review your own, but also gain the advice of others. Others also get some knowledge from you. It is a win-win situation! In this age of

, what is most welcome is a win-win situation! People are also willing to hate those who have a sense of win-win, those who only stare at their own resources and die!

more importantly, if a child doesn't want to share it with others even if he doesn't like what he likes, how would people like to share something with him?

" good hygiene

of this era, with a lot of people friendship stays in the "first impression". No one will love this grey head face, snivel, let alone make friends, turned might pull into a blacklist.

therefore, children must be paid attention to hygiene! Not necessarily better, but at least on the starting line!

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