Deng Chao for help fat method, netizens have @ him

Deng Chao micro-blog gourmet Chen He

juziyule· 2017-08-28 18:56:21

when people are clamoring to lose weight when Deng Chao was in the micro-blog to you for the method of fat. Yesterday, Deng Chao in the micro-blog sun on a photo of himself awl face photos, and said: I think a little bit fat, what way? Very anxious ah ↓

Deng Chao to shoot a new movie "Zhang Yimou's shadow", has really been on a diet. Deng Chao is still micro-blog users to teach from weight loss experience ↓ "img_box

ultra brother said this recipe, inexplicably feel very hungry... 15 days lost 10 pounds of weight loss, the intensity is too big, no wonder the empress in the micro-blog super distressed brother shouted.

photos on super brother chin, with a really thin than before, a lot of ↓

Li Chen in the commentary also said Deng Chao "suck the gills" ↓

"Yue Yunpeng to seize the second, but also to Deng Chao said a long meat: Yueh Sun and &darr /

"no wonder Yue Yueyi Straight chubby, turned out to be Yueh Sun. Ah ha ha ha.

" to the flesh, the best way is to eat. The goose, for this method, super brother has said no new ↓

" since the mind taking it, netizens play something else. In the face of such good material, the fire of P in the heart is burning. To look after the super fat brother what is ↓

" this is not fat, it is deformed ah, there is a big monkey as the sense that...

we are simply the super brother face to pull into a semicircle round appearance, to say the most out of the ordinary P diagram, is still the sketch Jun ↓

the Zhang Chao brother looked a bit serious ah, immediately to a laugh like ↓

" in addition to these, we also have to help Deng Chao atop a person, this person is Chen Chichi ↓

Chen Chichi's voice is still pretty high. After all, everyone is looking at a little red become rounded shiny...

and Chen micro-blog frequent drying out various delicacy, super brother Chen if you follow this delicacy blogger for a minute, will return to lose weight Before the

does not know the fat method above, over which ah 2333

brother like the last sentence

how long fat this problem, I think I don't have the chance to ask the

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