When does the hard curve listing strategy on the bottom of the ocean capital operation take effect?

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" good service, free beauty, a big Hand-Pulled Noodle dance, should be the first impression a lot of people at the Hot pot shop for fishing the sea. But

recently, "Legal Evening News" a mouse in the kitchen is rampant, dustpan floating "in the sink of the video, because so many not ranked on the team he choose to eat at home chowhound who breathed a sigh of relief.

is followed by a public relations mess. Some people say that the seabed fishing timely recognition of the mistakes, is conscience, enterprises should support; while others say that indulgence has never been good, relaxed food safety, that is, for their cruelty.

and Mustang financial discovery, sea fishing faces dilemma, far more than food safety.

food safety system in name only?

from the system is concerned, submarine fishing for food safety protection can be described as harsh.

, which claims to have 9 stores testing ingredients laboratory, to achieve unified procurement, unified production, unified distribution, control the entire cold chain supply risk. In addition to daily self-examination, there are more than 200 food safety inspections, which are responsible for 2 raids each month, and these scores will be directly linked to staff salaries and deep migration......

includes the kitchen after the scandal broke, sea fishing with superb PR skills, quick to admit a mistake, won the most diners praise.

but the food hygiene problems that haunt Chinese food and beverage enterprises have really been solved by a piece of paper?

the answer is definitely not.

Mustang financial discovery, the official website of the submarine fishing show, the company has a monthly food safety check, and will be substandard category specific published.

took last August as an example of the issue of food hygiene in several stores. A hairy millet pepper, metamorphism and food is not clean the dishes on the ground...

" can be embarrassing is that in April this year, the Shenzhen Municipal Food and Drug Administration inspection, sea fishing was found there are rough stored flower ornaments, refrigerator food hygiene is not stored separately, frozen problem base labeling is unclear etc.. Now, it's a rat scandal.

, that is to say, although the food safety problem has been detected and publicity, but a year later, the problem still exists, and the patient is not the exception, "added a new injury".

, however, it is certain that the sea fishing in the information disclosure is still very magnanimous.

so, what does this seemingly exhaustive disclosure and strict rules and regulations really play in the end?

like school, facing the "school code of conduct" we often only when check uniforms will wear uniforms, when check hair would cut my hair, management personnel and management personnel are always playing with the cat and mouse game, do not know when is the end.

Mustang Finance on this issue call Sichuan headquarters of the sea bottom, the other said the company's food safety rectification will be updated simultaneously in WeChat and micro-blog. Another problem with


operation, which makes it difficult for offshore fishing, lies in the difficulty of the road to capital operation.

called "business and excellence, IPO", the successful listing, not only for a corporate brand recognition, but also to the enterprise's capital operation to provide strong financial support.

therefore, as early as August 2012, the Jianyang municipal government of Sichuan announced the offshore fishing listing guidance program.

however, consumers are known as "human beings have been unable to stop" submarine fishing, but on the road to the listing, has been difficult to make substantive progress, there is no further below. The reason is that the catering business IPO has been beset with difficulties.

, President of the Guangzhou Dietetic Association, Yao Xuezheng, has publicly stated that this is closely related to the characteristics of the catering industry. He explained that the restaurant industry is not transparent, sales, turnover and other flexibility is great, there is no effective mechanism to monitor.

at the same time, the catering industry is a labor-intensive industry, staff turnover is high, the loss rate of 10% sea fishing has been called the miracle in the industry, based on the condition, in labor relations, tax regulation, there are many problems.

therefore, including Shun Feng, Jingya food, Kerry and a product of many other large catering enterprises have tried to impact the market, but in 2014 have been withdrawn IPO application. Even the very influential South Beauty, listed on the road is defeated, from A shares to H shares, eventually acquired by Europe's largest private equity fund CVC. And breakdown of A shares, catering stocks, only Quanjude, Jinling Hotel, only a few hands.

investment advisor, hotel catering industry researcher Yan Minghang in an interview with the "time weekly" interview, analysts listed on the seabed will face three risks. "First, seasonal risk, Hot pot general winter peak season for the summer season; second, the risk of food safety, food safety is an important risk faced by the catering industry; thirdly, potential competitors, although currently in the sea fishing Hot pot market higher market share, but do not rule out the emergence of new entrants to carve up the sea fishing market share. "

in the face of this situation, submarine fishing selected curve listing strategy. In July 13th,

2016, as

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