Han Geng has been traced to break up Shanghai dating a mysterious beauty

Shanghai beauty Han Geng break up

fenghuangyule· 2016-04-17 11:54:47

a hair dyed linen and well-dressed young girl also mixed in this group of friends < night time Han Geng and friends take a Rolls Royce luxury car to eat to close to the centre of a seafood hot pot city. Keep eating until 3 o'clock in the morning, all the talent Hing go out, Han Geng hug "good friend" of the shoulder, like a very intimate, when popular photographer was surprised to find, a hair dyed linen and well-dressed young girl also mixed in the middle of this group of friends, do not know what when being Han smuggled into the dining room.

mysterious female big purchase Hotel dating Hangeng 6 h < continue to track, the popularity of the photographer found the second day early in the morning, the Han male assistant drove the apartment to live in the night before the mysterious girl "Jiejia", he gallantly girl opened the door, the girl is easy on the train, Han Geng assistant is to sit back, the driver and two to eat to a noodle shop, noodle consumption quite civilians, Hangeng's assistant and the woman standing outside the shop talking and laughing, it was already familiar. < lunch after the Han girls and assistant together and go to shopping in Carrefour, pick the black super girl looks handsome, gentle and quiet temperament, much like a white-collar, she bought a lot of instant noodles, pure water, fruit snacks such as food, and Han Geng assistant carrying large bags bag back into the trunk of the car, after the car to to Hangeng Living Hotel, at about 9 o'clock in the evening, the mysterious female in Han residential apartments stay for six hours, then in Han assistant escort left the hotel. < p > informed sources from the Department was informed that the Han and Li Bingyu love, Li Bingyu often love micro Bo, revealed that she and Han "clues", Han Geng around friends think love hype, restless. There are also people think that Li Bingyu, Han Geng, two people unsuitable, so two people gradually alienated, a romantic relationship is likely to has come to an end. If Han and Li Bingyu went their separate ways, then mysterious girl who Shanghai beach is lidaitaojiang, dressing into the paternity of it?

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