China with hip hop Gai is what people have China _ ye ye hip-hop Gai personal background

China has hip-hop

499· 2017-08-29 09:06:06

China has hip-hop. Who is Gai? There are China hip-hop Gai personal background. God is a very nice Chinese with hip-hop hip-hop song of the show, here you can own hip-hop style bold release, sing it, but some netizens Bachu Gai's background is very powerful, take a look at it!



, China has hip-hop, pgone and Gai circle of friends issued a document, mutual diss reasons for exposure. Liu Chau signed Gai was questioned, 26, online outflow of a group of screenshots, PG, ONE, Wan Wang and Gai in the circle of friends issued a document, each other diss. Live for a long time!

, "hip-hop in China," GAI and PG One ripped off at micro-blog! PG One diss GAI last night made a circle of friends and said “ and the people are quite different ”. GAI also sent a friend circle back to PG One today, and welcomed the screenshot forwarding. What is the cause of

GAI PG ONE magneto singing "H.M.E" lyrics diss in the program of the players, then GAI dissPG ONE made a circle of friends, magneto's brother, Ding Fei Mai, safflower Beibei will have to tear off Gai. Gai sign Liu Chau company, users also have comments.

has net friend to say: "have backstage; have net friend to say:" the strength of Gai is placed there!


has the strength, is not the same!

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