Aunt on the subway to eat bread: I hate anti time to arrest me

Nanjing ZA

zhongqingwang· 2017-08-29 10:08:02

" [the female passenger subway to eat cake, eat cucumber face other people: discouraged I have time, I] detention Nanjing subway cars banned diet, not only for health, but also for safety. Recently, a female passenger eating pie in the subway car, in the face of law enforcement officers to dissuade her resentment: "don't eat again, then I can eat this! I held 24 hours Bo, I now have is time! "Aside passengers verbally discourage her roar:" what are you? It's none of your business! "Another female passenger eating cucumber in the subway, saved the law enforcement personnel was also your advice:" how do you eat something? You menopause, right? Neuropathy? "

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Aunt on the subway to eat bread: I hate anti time to arrest me

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