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lasted a decade long salt monopoly system is" blood transfusion ". The State Council yesterday issued the salt system reform program, the program is clear, to strengthen the supervision of salt specialization, improve the salt monopoly system, to encourage salt production and wholesale business production and marketing as a whole. In addition, also encourage social capital to enter the field of salt production, cooperate with the existing fixed-point salt making enterprises. < p > scheme said. < strong > will cancel fixed salt production enterprises can only sell to specified provisions of wholesale enterprises, production enterprises are allowed to enter the circulation and sales areas, independently determine production and sales quantity and the establishment of sales channels, encourage enterprises to independent business, production and sales. In the industry view, a move that will be fully activated existing salt market, break the salt, sale of salt field lack of competitiveness and market status.

and in terms of pricing, the program also broke through the price of salt can only be determined by the state of the existing situation. The program said, will release salt factory, wholesale and retail prices, according to the production and operation costs, salt quality, market supply and demand situation and other factors independently determined.

the establishment of the salt monopoly system can be traced back to May 1996, but with the development of economic and social, the drawbacks of this system has become increasingly prominent. In fact, since the sound of the proposal to abolish the salt monopoly system in 2013 began to rise, the parties to increase the salt system reform concerns and attention. National Development and Reform Commission in April this year, also said that in deepening the reform of enterprises, we should vigorously promote the power, oil and gas, salt and other key industries reform. Today salt reform program has been ground breaking out, this also means that domestic long-term since the salt monopoly system will be faced with reform and restructuring.

industry, said the current salt monopoly system is the biggest drawback is that production and marketing, not only the production efficiency of the salt industry is low, the market is also unable to speed up the process. < / strong > it is understood, the salt making enterprises is only responsible for salt production. The yield and price of salt had no power to decide, and salt company is holding a wholesale and sale of salt administration. Future reform will be able to revitalize the upstream resources, but also able to get through the consumption level of the market. In the eyes of a salt industry practitioners, the circulation of the high part of the profits transferred to the production side, giving the salt making enterprises more high, more reasonable profit margins can improve product quality improvement and product innovation. Due to product innovation and market opening, consumers will be more rich and independent of the choice of salt.

salt to change the main points: cancel salt production and marketing restrictions. No longer approved the addition of salt wholesale enterprises, to encourage the wholesale business of salt and sentinel production enterprises mergers and acquisitions, and other types of commodity circulation enterprises shall not engage in salt wholesale. Salt production and wholesale enterprises to encourage production and marketing, to encourage state-owned salt wholesale enterprises through investment shares, joint investment, corporate restructuring and other ways to introduce social capital. Release salt factory, wholesale and retail prices, according to the production and operation costs, salt quality, market supply and demand situation and other factors independently determined. < p > "this is a historic change in China's salt industry management system for promoting the salt management system, to achieve effective allocation of resources of salt, and promote the healthy and orderly development of the industry, to ensure that the salt quality and security of supply will produce far-reaching effect. "Peking University salt system reform research group, said the person concerned.

, "outstanding salt security release of market vitality, uphold the rule of law, focusing on balanced salt. "< / strong > this is scheme is proposed to reform the basic principles, the aforementioned research group who analysis said that to ensure the safety of the salt is the core goal of reform, the release of the vitality of the market is the specific content of the reform and adhere to the rule of law of salt is salt reform starting point, pay attention to the overall planning is the success of the reform in the guarantee and support. < p > clear will improve the salt professional supervision system, by the Ministry in charge of the salt works, the levels of salt authorities and public security, justice, health meter, industry and commerce, quality inspection, food and drug administration etc. perform their duties, in close collaboration, according to the law to strengthen salt safety supervision. Scheme and put forward to explore the salt safety supervision system, to accelerate the construction of electronic traceability system.

"salt quality and safety and supply security is the primary task of salt industry. The introduction of measures to fundamentally solve the problem of producing fake salt market, to ensure the quality and security of supply of salt. "The Salt Corporation concerned analysts said.

release market vitality is an important goal of this salt reform. Overwhelmed reform will release two limitations: one is salt wholesale enterprises can purchase their own salt and carry out cross regional business; the second is fixed salt production enterprises in the independent brand to carry out cross regional operation, the realization of integrated production and marketing or entrust a qualified wholesale enterprises sales agent.

"the introduction of competition is the biggest highlight of the reform. "< / strong > Salt general company personage analysis says, which forced salt enterprises speed up the transformation of operational mechanisms, but also contributes to the further release of the vitality of the market, clearing inefficient and backward assets and production capacity. It can be predicted that the salt production enterprises, between salt wholesale enterprises, salt production enterprises and wholesale enterprises will form a pattern of orderly competition in the market. < p > Salt general company and believe that after the introduction of competition mechanism, the industry will usher in a round of mergers and acquisitions boom, some integrated production and marketing, cross regional operation, has the brand resources and technical advantages of large enterprises will come to the fore, become a leader in the industry, the future the industry will form several advantages salt group, the pattern of coexistence, international competitiveness will also greatly enhance the. < for life and the people closely related to the price of salt, clear solution, the reform of salt government pricing mechanism, release salt factory, wholesale and retail prices, by the enterprise according to the factors of production operating costs, quality of salt, market supply and demand status to determine their own. Plan and clear from January 1st next year to open all the price of salt products. < p > in the opinion of Jiangsu Province Salt Industry Association Yan Zhonghua, cost, supply and demand and speculative, psychological expectations and other factors, after the reform of salt price will in a very long period of time fluctuation, is expected to show < strong > rural areas prices down, urban prices upward, traffic convenient area prices down, in remote mountainous areas prices uplink trend.

for price fluctuations of possible, reform program also make policy arrangement: price management departments at all levels < strong > to strengthen market monitoring of the retail price of salt, with salt authorities to take measures, maintain the basic stability of prices, special case laws take price intervention or other emergency measures, prevent abnormal fluctuations in the price of the ordinary salt.

source: Phoenix Finance (finance_ifeng) integrated Xinhua, the Chinese government network and other

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