Because there is no "half life 3", "Dota2" to the game player who played a lot.

Dota2 game player half life 3 half life

youxishiguangVGTIME· 2017-08-29 16:27:24

, following the "GTA5" because of "disable MOD tools" (now lifted), was brushed off, "Dota2" also recently harvested a big wave of bad reviews, because...... No "half life 3".

Valve as everyone knows in the earlier "Dota2" International Invitational has finally announced a new, but this is not what the new "half life 3" "portal 3" "3" the survival of the road, but a Dota themed the new card game, called "ARTIFACT"......

year cumulative plus the latest released "obviously angered some game player, they think it is" Dota2 "block" half life 3 ". More bluntly: "you should start game player" half life 3 ", rather than what the 'new' card game! "

a lot of game player made a similar call, they want to experience the" half life "of the world, and some time ago" "half life" series of public screenwriter synopsis "let game player who think" half life "work has been postponed indefinitely...... Valve has only been updated and changed for Dota2, and the Dota2 community environment is hard to please.

" but "Dota2" and "ordinary brush was poor and somewhat different:" number 3 "bad" is also has a lot of game player Dota2 "loyal fans, thousands of hours of game time be nothing difficult.

"...... After all, Valve's own Steam platform, the players' voices, they should be able to see it?

"G fat is not the number 3 is one that has been popular for many years. The reason is the founder of Gabe Newell, Valve's never let any game out of the third generation:" Fortress 2 "" Portal 2 "" survival Road 2 ", and" half life 2 "even adding" half life 2: the first chapter "and" half life 2: the second chapter ", and even a game player jokingly said" half life "the next work is likely to be" half life 2: the second chapter of the second part "(Half Life 2: Episode 2 Part 2)......

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