Jordan Chan on "father 5" Cherrie Ying: you happy just fine

Jordan Chan Cherrie Ying be happy. Where are you going?

xiandaikuaibaoquanmei· 2017-08-29 19:58:22

"Jordan Chan took his son on the father 5"

< /p> of Cherrie Ying micro-blog

entertainment NetEase reported in August 29th August 29th. "Fifth", where my father and son Jordan Chan will usher in the season the combination of father and son. Jordan Chan said, "I'll go wherever I say."! "Cherrie Ying replied," well, you guys are happy! "

" where Dad 5 "days before drying out the guest posters, Jordan Chan played the" little brother "by his son as" big brother "disdain at a glance, it seems the family status has been very clear. Many netizens said: "Oh God, look forward to finally launch, just to see big brother and sister-in-law of tangerine peel, by the way often what class. "

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