19.9 yuan for GTR? The "shared luxury car" is coming!

The car Bentley Ferrari Lamborghini

xinhuawang· 2017-08-29 20:03:23

" recently, 1.5 yuan per kilometer, not gas, parking fees do not share that BMW has become a hot topic of many people. In this era of shared economy, sharing cars seems to be no wonder.

recently, Hangzhou Yanan road Kerry Center Shopping Center, a special luxury car team, attracted many onlookers stop to take pictures. Bentley, Ferrari, Ferrari 458 Mu is the California Mavericks, Martha Lahti, Lamborghini and GT, Porsche and other luxury cars lined up, is very spectacular. The common feature of these vehicles is the word "sharing". Yes, luxury cars have joined the "sharing" ranks.

, the luxury car sharing platform, was co sponsored by the red collar man and senior car player.

at the event, the luxury car sharing platform founder Mr. Zhou Mingjie told reporters: "foreign ultra running culture is very prosperous, and the people for" super run "concept is very little understood. This time more than 50 supercar gathered in the Kerry Center, not only to give the official beta car sharing APP campaign, but also want to let more people can come into contact with the car, can run over open, round more super run childhood dream! Those super sports cars with beautiful shape and outstanding performance are undoubtedly the dreams of every big boy! Now, let the super run landing, so super run car is no longer the people living in the "unusual", makes people become super run travel a new way to travel, but also can inspire more people toward their goal of fighting spirit.

phantom, Gust and Daniel Dallas, Ferrari 488/458, Bentley GT, speeding and other popular run in the sharing platform are in short supply cars, fully meet the user's car, wedding, business reception, and other home party travel demand.

in the event, in addition to cool super run team, the platform party is with full sincerity to 19.9 yuan of GTR, 29.9 yuan Lamborghini, Ferrari 39.9 yuan, 49.9 yuan Rolls-Royce, do you want to try it?

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