Hospital emergency reminder! People who register on the Internet must be careful!

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chutiandoushibao· 2017-08-29 20:08:36

used to go to the hospital often encounter such a scene of ↓

some time to grab a number of experts,

waiting for one or two hours,

turn when was told that the number has been sent out,

can only walk away … …

sometimes very worried hold the child to the hospital, the results are

registered queues … …

" at that time, "scalpers" earn pours.

patients are also suffering,

go to the hospital in the heart shouted: "

, when registration can not line up ah?" "

, now,

's wish has finally come true!

more and more hospitals open network booking registration

, some people registered on the Internet,

a few days in advance to lock the "expert",

on time to report, you can enjoy expert inquiry.

more and more people through the network registration,

hospital entrance ticket scalpers will gradually disappear. … …

thought it was a perfect ending.

who can know,

network registration registration window than a lot of convenience,

market demand is also growing, all kinds of

registration platform have been born,

quickly captured the hospital registration network position. The results of

, the criminals smell of the opportunities,

appointment, was difficult for high fees

8 month 1 days, Ms. Lee for online registration through the mobile phone booking, deputy director of the Wuhan children's Hospital ophthalmologist, she in the online search under the load of APP mobile phone, enter a website registration.

after successful registration, she received the website push SMS alerts display "you have successfully reserved Wuhan women and children's medical center of Ophthalmology, expert outpatient service on the morning of August 3rd, the first day please valid ID in person, 10:00 to the site to complete the check number".

" but at the same time, she found herself being charged a "primary registration guide" service fee of 105 yuan, and indicate the registration fee charged.

hospital: in addition to the registration fee without an additional service fee of

also need to hang a number higher than the registration fee is 7 times more than the service fee? Ms. Lee felt puzzled, decided to visit the hospital the day to ask clearly.

8 month 3 days, Ms. Lee to the hospital outpatient complaints, did not expect to see her in the outpatient office mobile phone pictures, but tell her will only charge hospital registration registration fee, no additional service fees, these software are not registered in the hospital, the hospital money is not being charged.

Ms. Lee received an appointment successfully SMS there is a consultation call, Wuhan children's hospital outpatient office staff Wu Xiujuan opened the phone. "The operator said that he didn't know the service charge, and the standard of service charge was not clear. I couldn't get through the phone again. "

refund number was strongly received fee,

hospital suggested that she withdraw number, re registration from the hospital clinic.". Ms. Lee then carried out on the phone number back operation, I did not expect but was the registration software to buckle up to more than 30 yuan service charge.

hospital has not received service charge,

refund number has been strongly charged!

who the money was taken away?

number of dealers moved online, registered resale service charge for

Wu Xiujuan, "that these people may be past" traffickers ", in the absence of network booking time, they then reselling in the window after registration, now some hospitals can make an appointment through the network, their home court moved online, the No. hang out the service fee of , actual and past fare resold without distinction. "

originally, Ms. Lee's experience is not an example,

many people have such a" when!

cheated money difficult to recover all the money!

Wuhan children's Hospital Hongkong road outpatient office introduced, nearly 3 months since, received such complaints have more than ten, is a number of websites or App dry. The patients were received the registration fee outside service fees, almost all were thought to be hospitalized, so they have to do a lot of explanation, and help patients recover from service charges, but often difficult to recover the full amount.

thought "scalpers" so handsome which know they left

&hellip appeared in another way; &hellip

; also, the most headache is:

is difficult to hit!

is hard to beat!

is hard to beat!

in the past, against traffickers, hospital security and outpatient service personnel can play a major role, No. traffickers are familiar faces in their eyes, as long as they see them "please go", but now the number of dealers active on the network, although the hospital found a few sites and APP, according to patient complaints clues at first glance, are regular website and APP, but I do not know where to complain that the behavior of patients with injury,

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