Tips for sleeping: five minutes is six hours? A secret worth collecting for a lifetime

The secret to sleep: five minutes is worth six hours worth collecting forever

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series three event, a sleep, two convenience, three diet, rest, clothing etc. are assisted living.

according to medicine and most people's experience and observation, a person can sleep for at least two hours, the rest is a waste of time, lying on the pillow dreaming, no one does not dream. When I wake up and feel I have not been dreaming, it is because he has forgotten.

go to bed usually a person sleeping two hours is enough, why would anyone want to sleep seven or eight hours? Is that you stay in bed lying on the pillow to rest habits, we need not so long time to sleep, especially meditation do Kung Fu people know, as long as the eyes closed at noon really sleep three minutes, equal to two hours' sleep, but for good noon time. The night will have to fall asleep in the midnight, five minutes to six hours.

this time learning and the relationship with the laws of the universe, the earth, the I Ching law principle of yin and Yang, and you will feel the heart, just a force down, and Nishida (kidney) power fusion, the so-called "Jiji", suddenly, you get enough sleep full of energy. So insomnia or really Aoye the night, the moment is visible, even if twenty minutes must sleep, can't sleep to train yourself to sleep. After

had isvisible about half past twelve, you don't want to sleep, this is bad.

is more serious, at daybreak, at four or five, when five or six points around, you're sleepy sleepy, if a sleep day will head. So I want to engage in work late, midnight, the big thing to put down even if there is, it slept for half an hour, to want to sleep around don't sleep, the day spirit is enough. Methods

sleep no traffic rules you do not understand the accident prone.

, for example, 23 p.m. to 3 a.m. to Choushi, gallbladder and liver by the most active time, going back to liver blood, "down to the blood, the blood supply to stand up".

if you lie down at about 22 o'clock every night, don't speak quietly, and you'll fall asleep at 23.

the liver and gallbladder begin to return to the bloodstream, filtering out the poisonous blood, producing fresh blood, and there is no gallstone at age one hundred, and there is no hepatitis, cyst, or other diseases. If you stay up to 1 o'clock every day, can not return to the liver blood, toxic blood row off, fresh blood into bile and bile, can not be changed, so these people prone to gallstones, cyst, big Sanyang, small Sanyang disease. In Europe, an average of four people has a hepatitis carrier, which is called "no rules.".

half an hour before going to bed to sleep when it is best not to talk, the more don't talk, a talk, and then move the lung, heart, (because of heart and lung were the upper energizer) it is easy to enter the excited state, so it is difficult to fall asleep.

21:00 23:00 is a luxurious Haishi Sanjiao by Wang, three coke through the hundred vessels.

Haishi sleep, hundred arteries all Ruyang, the centenarians have common characteristics: 21:00 (HAI) before sleep. If women want to keep their looks for a long time, they should do early to go to bed early. Go to bed to shut the window, a lot of human diseases are related to this, because people in sleep, slow blood circulation, lower body temperature, the body will form a layer on the surface of the Yang Yang, it makes people called "ghosts." what does it mean, Yang foot, not nightmares, is this Yang prevailed.

if you go to bed at night, the window is the best. If it's hot, open the door and close the window, the effect is a little worse, but he won't be up in the morning for second days. His body is weak and his back is stiff.

sleep to sleep early, sleep late, hurt Shaoyang Qi, second days is the inevitable tiredness, to close the window.

the liver is in the lower energizer. If there is a problem in the stomach, he will sleep and sleep.

is a cold if the person had stomach Yang deficiency, excessive drinking Green Tea, there will be a stomach, stomach when people sleep, or eat with sediment things too much, a stomach cold, won't sleep well. Another is the stomach is hot up, mouth breathing is hot, like this can't sleep well; another is the

dry stomach stomach feel dry mouth parched and tongue scorched.

there is a stomach thick

odor smell, stomach thick, this situation is to eat this thick and greasy taste, people eat seafood, eat fish, eat chicken, taste delicious, eat a lot of delicious, do not use, these things have to dilute it inside, it does not dilute it. Inside taste is too thick, so this can't sleep well.

is another abdominal distension abdominal bulging, also can't sleep, toss about also can't sleep;

is a stomach

too cold sweat, it can't sleep well, these reasons may be the formation of gastric gastric restless, restless sleep. Sleep to limb limbs to warm, warm, because the limbs are positive, we all know this, limbs not warm, certainly is insufficiency of kidney yang, should go to bedBefore the hands of his warm hands and feet, and the navel, behind the gate to cover.

sleep It differs from man to man. here are 3 practices,

1) simple yatui before going to bed, then naturally sat on the bed, his hands overlap on the legs, natural breathing, feeling the body breathing pores with one of a, if the tears yawning is best to to sleep, then fall asleep.

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