How did Guan Yu die? Green Dragon Saber finally landed at whose hands?

Guan Yu

qulishi· 2017-08-30 09:03:47

Three Kingdoms, the death of Guan Yu, write very detailed, he was trapped in the Wu army defeated Mai City, died, and putting off rumors Guan Yu as ghosts, Meng Meng to death, so in three days later, suddenly died, but this is the death of Guan Yu? Later, where the green Dragon Saber and on the


network with

? With rigid history say NO, I was a teacher, the gentle, scum, special to tell you the history, try to avoid the vulgar, to say let's say the elegant vulgar!

Guan Yu putting off the famous, three heroes, rise above the common herd. Carry handle, also known as ten thousand enemy, Wan Jun, could cut the head, in the era of hard currency amidst the winds of change, putting off the reputation is big, adults, children cry cry, Which dare to despise the first five general Guan Yu?

in the hands of Green Dragon Saber, crotch Zhuifeng chituma, majestic-looking long beard, face such as the heroic about putting in re date, that is, the Iron City Bronze soldier, who don't want a step, but unfortunately, there are heroes, who can not stand forever!

Mai City, surrounded by Meng Ma, pan Zhang said: "the opponent's reputation in the world, not to be embarrassed, I have been in Jingzhou when Soochow, put off the general back, not evil enemies!"

pan Zhang Lingming, but do not want to Ma Zhong already rushed in, a knife cut the heads of Guan Yu!

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