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many mothers have this experience, take the baby out before the bags are brought together, but to use something, rummaging around, confused, or even to all sorts of things to find out, indescribably upset.

actually, in order to avoid this problem, is simple: "cure"! A powerful mummy bag can let mother easily go out without pressure.

and start with mommy's bags, we first need to know that a good mummy bag must be very good".


Chinese visual capacity, can be loaded more

when the mother knows, unless you don't take the baby out, otherwise wipes, milk powder, diapers, bottles, cups, napkins slobber these things free not to carry on. Therefore, the mummy bag capacity must be large enough, layered storage powerful, in order to put these small items are loaded.

- style beauty, "with" a force of

in addition, when the mother is not easy after a trip, how have to tidy up! And carry the mummy bag, not a "beauty", that is not pulled down the yen value?

is also a mother, Xiaobian specially many people don't like to have such a mother stereotype -- when the mother, and are insulated

! Actually, mom really beautiful, that's not what people eat melon!

then with mothers share 6 practical and fashion mummy bag, from big to parity that is the quality of the selected.

1, TU

can be installed to the snail fan, capacity and enough mummy bag, TU bag how little snail? This mummy bag was a lot of people become "the most like the mummy bag, mummy bag" is full of fashion design sense, suitable for various occasions! And open, you will find it is surprise you! "

recommended: TU snail capacity greatly, baby common items can be "collected in the bag, some personal items can be arranged mother, very practical; made of wear-resistant, waterproof material, go out to use more at ease; style Classic generous, portable, can be a single shoulder back, shoulders back, at any time switching mode of use, so that the mother easy to match, the United States and the United States travel.

2, Skip, Hop mummy bag,

Skip Hop mummy bag is a lot of mothers like good reputation, positioning high-end crowd. Big things seem to have a characteristic: the classic style, texture, and detail design is very user-friendly, very powerful. In addition, whether for baby or work, the mummy bag can easily hold live!

recommended: Skip Hop's mummy bag with high quality Oxford canvas fabric, wear-resistant practical texture; there are a total of 10 miles without the function of bag. All products are classified and put the baby, the mother is receiving control message; in addition to the shoulder, but also diagonal or portable, on different occasions to meet the needs; the whole zipper design, easier to open and close, let mother more worry and effort.

3, Mamaway anti lost mummy bag

Mamaway mummy bag is a classic all-match the mummy bag, there are lovely Mickey shape, reduce the monotonous and mediocre. And this mummy bag and baby lost bag is supporting the sale, and the baby one person carrying a go out, earn enough back rate.

recommended: hierarchical design of this mummy bag Mamaway is awesome, the function of large and small bag adds up to 10, and there is a special layered installed computer properly due to the baby walking commute two not mistake, can be shoulder; portable; overall, reasonable structure, lovely shape, convenient to use and convenient, thoughtful design details.

4, B.Duck

B.Duck is a well-known Hongkong mummy bag shoulders the tide brand, maybe you don't know B.Duck, but you must have seen their classic yellow duck! This mummy bag is suitable for mother love fashion design, lovely, bright color, and the functional design bag is very reasonable.

recommended: layered yellow duck mummy bag B.Duck lot, large capacity items inside the bag can be installed under the baby's clothing, milk powder and other relatively bulky, can accommodate 13 inch Laptop computer, very practical; and the bottle made of aluminum foil insulation bag, high insulation, let mother back baby food easy to go out; colorful, full of personality, enhance the sense of fashion trendsetter mother.

5 Meepoo

, mummy bag if you want to find a real, a higher degree of recognition, not easy to hit a mummy bag, mummy bag and hope this powerful and good texture, then Meepoo's mummy bag is very suitable for you!

recommended: meepoo
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