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" India's foreign ministry announced on 29, Prime Minister Modi will be held on September 3rd to 5 to China Xiamen to attend the ninth BRICs leaders meeting. Many media have noted that India is the end of the day after the news was released on the 72 day of India in long confrontation. Since 28, India announced that cross-border personnel and equipment will be withdrawn from the cave in Lang long area, it has been reported that the confrontation between the cave and the long wave was resolved because the BRICs meeting will be held in china. In this regard, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying 29, said the BRICs leaders meeting in Xiamen is a common thing BRIC countries. Meeting the common interests of the state and developing countries in meeting the alloy bricks.

India Ministry of foreign affairs 29, said in a statement, "People's Republic of China by the invitation of President Xi Jinping, Prime Minister Modi in September 3rd to the 5 day visit to Xiamen to attend the Fujian China, where at the ninth BRICs leaders meeting. According to the India times, Modi will visit Burma on from September 5th to 7th, following a statement on the end of his trip to china. This will be his first state visit to Burma.

, this is the second meeting of BRICs leaders held in china. Hongkong's "South China Morning Post" said that the BRICs leaders meeting since 2009 began, China, Russia, India, Brazil and South Africa leaders of 5 countries to attend. But before that, as the tensions between China and India were growing, there was speculation that modi might miss this year's meeting. Next week's visit will be the second visit to China since Modi became prime minister. His last trip to China in 3 days was in May 2015. At a regular press conference on the 29 day of the

, a reporter asked Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying, "some people think that the confrontation between the two sides was resolved because the BRICs meeting was to be held in China. Do you agree?" In this regard, Hua Chunying said, about India will withdraw all personnel and equipment over the Indian side boundary, I have shown that China's stance. BRICs leaders meeting in Xiamen is a common thing for BRICs countries. Meeting the common interests of the state and developing countries in meeting the alloy bricks. As president, China is ready to make active efforts to make a good meeting and play an active role. We also hope to get the support and cooperation of other participants.

can India build a house with a "golden brick"? "India scholars Ravish Bhatia 29 in the" India express "as the title of the article, said the two sides play diplomatic art, successfully avoid the hole in the Lang District stepped on mines". September 3rd will be another opportunity for the two Asian powers to move in the right direction. Ending the hole standoff before the BRICs summit shows that both sides believe that the opportunities for cooperation on the world stage are far greater than those of their respective territorial ambitions. The article said that in the upcoming summit, Russia, Brazil and South Africa obviously hope that India will be able to issue a voice, to show the world's cohesion of the BRIC countries. As the theme of the summit said "deepen the BRIC partnership, open up a brighter future", India and China must use the "BRIC" houses, not walls. According to the India economic times, China has set a bright example for India, no matter how bright it is. Over the past few decades, China has risen rapidly from a country smaller than India's economic size to a global power, which has inspired India's boundless imagination.

, 29 days after the end of the standoff, Bhutan said it welcomed the move. According to Agence France-Presse, Bhutan foreign ministry said in a statement the same day: "we hope that this will help keep the Chinese and Bhutan, India border peace and the status quo, consistent with the existing agreements between countries. "

on the 29 day of the regular press conference, asked" whether China stopped in the hole area, "Lang road Hua Chunying said, China has shown that the Indian border personnel and equipment have been withdrawn Chinese India boundary side, border troops continue to patrol in the area long hole at. In order to keep the border needs and improve the production and living conditions of local soldiers and civilians, China has for a long time carried out infrastructure construction, including roads, in the Lang Lang area. We will comprehensively consider the weather and other factors, according to the actual situation, do a good job of construction planning. For the "hole how many Chinese soldiers stationed in the area," Hua Chunying said, China will need to keep the edge according to the field conditions and adjustment and deployment of troops.

according to the "India express" reported on 29, due to long hole confrontation, India Tibet border police forces, new enlisted personnel must be fluent in Chinese. A senior officer of the army said that from the beginning of this year, learning language was part of the training for recruits, including Mandarin and tibetan. The goal is to keep the whole team in order to communicate with the Chinese army without obstacles. "We interact with Chinese soldiers almost every day. Learning Chinese helps avoid misunderstandings and better solutions. "The report says," the Indo Tibetan border police forces "have 90 thousand people, but not understand Chinese 150 people, and they could not say 10 words Chinese. At present, the army has hired 12 teachers, hoping that everyone can master fifty or sixty Chinese words.

Global Times special correspondent in India, Yuan Zhen, Ma

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