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ITzhijia· 2017-08-30 14:49:30

during IFA 2017, Sony XZ1 Xperia, in addition to plans to launch Xperia XZ1 Compact new machine, also plans to launch new products including headset, wireless headset to really form, at the same time with the WF-1000X wireless headset noise function design.

in Samsung, apple, Motorola, Jabra and other brands launched a series of real wireless headset products, Sony seems to have seen such products business, is expected to really wireless headset products will be officially launched IFA 2017 extended WF-1000X models, while Japan Xuan under design the Tokyo Metro Dhaka Intelligence Bureau website earlier exposure WF-1000X image, but also revealed that the new Walkman NW-ZX300 NW-A40 series and contains the appearance image. In addition to

Sony is expected to become the first true wireless headset products, WF-1000X will provide the noise reduction effect of listening to the same, with storage battery box for additional power, the overall size of the previously introduced Xperia and Ear similar, so there is almost Xperia Ear ears immediately acoustic version.

, however, has not yet been WF-1000X related hardware specifications and other details of sources, from the current release of image display of the headset will have multiple parts to replace the earplugs and may, single group coil monomer driving sound, the main operating button comprises a power supply, pairing button, but whether it can be like Xperia Ear support digital assistant function. Can not be confirmed yet.

in addition to WF-1000X, Sony also plans in the IFA 2017 with the new machine to launch new headset products, which may be that Xperia Ear Open-Style CONCEPT concept design has demonstrated the specific news headset this year. The

is expected to launch Walkman NW-ZX300 and NW-A40 series, will be the previously introduced NW-ZX100 and NW-A30 series of enhanced version of NW-ZX300 NW-ZX100 to add more contrast music playback control buttons, while adding NW-ZX1 and NW-ZX2 respectively with the type of music playback, long battery life performance optimization, and active noise reduction function, but it seems that with the previously introduced NW-ZX100 did some design alienation of products is poor, and the NW-A40 series NW-A30 series seems to be to do to strengthen, but there is no specific details.

Walkman NW-ZX300:

Walkman NW-ZX400:

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