Glory 9 "viral" subway advertising popular

Glory Hu Ge memory processor

qudongzhijia· 2017-08-30 17:19:11

do not know from what time, a conjecture on the network since hi culture spread, from the earliest series "obviously obviously can Yan, but rely on talent, then leaves most type" I have one hundred ways to make you disappear, and you are helpless, users competing to imitate this way.

recently, youguoyoumin type broken heart series and re fire up, such as "fuck the people also suffer hunger and cold, happy heart" and "migrant workers earn money, hold the prime minister's heart" and so on.

today, the viral spread has spread to the mobile world, .

", "glory 9", "you are really selling mobile phones," Qian Cao sold the camera's heart, "

," Oh! My husband asked where to see the best, he quietly pointed to my chest pocket - the glory of 9, Yan value is drunk "

" strange glory 9, listening to music like listening to live, my mother opened my music, became the people's square. "

" has 9 glory! Five hundred days without Caton, girlfriend said mobile phone card to me, you have to wait until what time!!! "

" is used with the goddess confession, wax to send flowers to send love, now named Hu Ge with you really love me or my idol? It's embarrassing for me to grab a girlfriend with an idol! "


... This is the Beijing Metro Line 10 scene, inside with a blue background, posted a variety of users Tucao copy words now popular is the protagonist - the glory of 9 is fancy diss, from the appearance of Yan values, pictures, sound, performance, and even spokesmen have been Tucao a times.

and traditional offline advertising "Wangpo saying boasts" different, the glory and abandon all professional terms, to the third person down to earth "self irony Hi" way to highlight the product selling point, by focusing on God comments and fun Tucao content, so that consumers feel interesting, more acceptable.

of course, any successful marketing case can not be separated from the product core competitiveness.

" glory 9 released in June 12th this year, known as the "aesthetic flagship", and invited the first idol Hu Ge endorsement. After the release, quickly become 2000 yuan -3000 yuan price explosion models .

according to the official data released by glory, glory 9 in just 28 days, the global shipments of more than one million units, creating a new record of glory. The

machine has high heat, in addition to kylin 960 processor, 6GB memory, the third generation of parallel double intake (20 million +1200 megapixel dual camera), high fidelity Hi-Fi chip, 500 days without Caton EMUI 5.1 configuration, and the excellent Yan machine 15 layer process 3D surface create value and Aurora glass color is popular.

, especially in the fashion of new color matching attempts and exploration, the glory has been walking in the forefront of domestic mobile phone manufacturers.

" in the first batch of four color blue, the magic charm, seagull ash and amber gold after the listing, the glory of 9 and earlier this month to launch a new color - blue robin. It is also the background color of the subway advertisement.

you do not say, Yan value, performance, photography, sound quality, spokesmen five core competencies, coupled with this alternative communication, the effect is really played. In honor of the mobile phone officer slightly below, immediately there are fans, male powder comment: "

, which train is this?" I'm going to take the subway Tour "

" Miss robins, was surrounded by blue must feel very romantic as well as @ Hu Ge "

" my glory 9 buy early so you can buy robins blue "

" ad ah 666 "

" completely hold the door please stay away from me when I face the God near me! "

" in the evening by bus back, as early as know to take the subway, and tomorrow is still, "


, this belongs to", obviously know is advertising, but also readily accepted, and even willing to be boiled water "model.". Saying, "such glory 9, do you have love?"

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Glory 9 "viral" subway advertising popular

Glory 9 "viral" subway advertising popular

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