19 Chinese Australian kangaroo slaughter knife cited outrage identity was exposed

Australia today exposure reporting circle of friends

fengmianxinwen· 2017-08-30 17:26:38

according to cover news reported on August 30th, "today" and "Australia Australian News" and other media reported that recently, the Chinese circle exposed a cold-blooded murder of kangaroo video. Video display, a hillside in the wild, a Chinese man with a knife at a kangaroo has been injured to escape the brutal murder.

the man grabbed the kangaroo's tail and then stabbed him 19 times with the knife in his hand! The lawn besmeared with blood.

" video, a Chinese middle-aged man holding a sword, close to the injured lying on the ground. As the man approached step by step, the poor kangaroo cried, trying to slide down the hill. The kangaroo left a trail of blood on the mud and was suspected of being injured in the right leg.

the man's friend took him to seize the kangaroo tail, legs tightly pressed kangaroo, ignoring the kangaroo kangaroo began to lament, a knife cut the neck. In the 1 minute, 41 second video, the man had 19 knives in total!

video also showed that the man said to the dying kangaroo, "do you recognize me?"". In the 1 minute, 41 second video, there seemed to be a man and a woman standing next to him". The kangaroo in desperate struggle, the two men also had a laugh.

" finally, the man left the lost angry animal, squatting on the hillside, hands still holding a bloody knife.

video exposure sparked outrage, many netizens to the Australian Animal Protection Agency complaints, NSW Animal Protection Association spokesman News Online confirmed on Wednesday to 7, after receiving complaints from the public, the agency is investigating.

, the new royal NSW RSPCA, is investigating the video and has yet to find out who released the video.

but after this exposure, a large number of users send information, from the end of the identity of the suspect. Among them, there is news that the perpetrators are Chinese Shenyang people, long lived in Melbourne, suspected of engaging in antique business. This video was originally displayed in a hunting forum in North America, but it was reprinted by a lot of outraged netizens and returned to Australia, causing social concern.

"today" website according to Australia

< /p> "today" website according to figure Australia

according to friends to testify, the man wrote in his WeChat introduction, "the ultimate goal of African rhino Hunting:" circle of friends also have the lobster and other outdoor photos. However, about one hour after the release of the relevant video, the circle of friends has been urgently closed, no access.

"today" website according to Australia

< /p> "today" website according to figure Australia

according to the "today" Australia website

netizens said, "find this person, then report! Repatriation! "And some people say," Psycho, it's terrible. "! "According to the new

's law on the prevention of cruelty to livestock, animal cruelty is punishable by a maximum sentence of 5 years and a maximum fine of $22 thousand. In the capital territory, the act can be sentenced to imprisonment for 2 years and fined 22 thousand yuan.

the new royal NSW (RSPCA) has been investigating the case in nsw. "We need to find him, knock on his door, get to know him, and take action against him. "One investigator said.

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