"The charnel ice murder suspect: mother wanted to shoot each other

Legal Evening News resignation children Shanghai

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After the Legal Evening News -

view news in February 1st to send his son Zhu Xiaodong to surrender, Zhu mother never saw the son, "in addition to convey what information he needed, even a piece of paper he wrote are not seen. "In August 29th, mother Zhu told the Legal Evening News," the journalist said.

lives in Shanghai, Zhu Xiaodong was born in 1987, 10 months ago, his wife Yang Li Ping strangled and charnel in the freezer for 105 days, he was in Shanghai Martha department store do merchandiser, and his dead wife and his age, Shanghai is a key primary school teacher. 4 days before the incident, Zhu Xiaodong had accompanied his wife to the school where he had taught and resigned.

after the incident, Zhu mother has been in pain, sadness and remorse, she said, is not reluctant to apologize to the Yang family, "they threatened, if we hit, we will kill the two.". Are we useful in this hostile situation? "Mother Zhu said, in fact, the first time had asked Yang Yang," they are not willing to accept the settlement, must be shot. "

Zhu mother and husband in Zhu Xiaodong, 10 years old divorced, more than ten years, Zhu mother a person pull son grew up, and the hardships of the taste can only experience.

"I'm this son. It's happening now. It's my son's fault. He didn't mean it. He just missed it.". "Mother Zhu said," Yang Liping is his daughter-in-law, she is also very sad, "my son will not be sad?" That's his favorite wife. "Here, on the phone, mother Zhu's voice choked.

" tells the story: Zhu Xiaodong surrendered that day

mother Zhu still clearly remember, that day is February 1st, the fifth day of the new year, is the daughter-in-law of Yang Liping's father's 60 birthday, they had intended to three in the afternoon to go to the party a little time, she received her son over the information, say something, let her get past his home, mother Zhu immediately call to his son, but Zhu Xiaodong's mobile phone shut down, "I asked him in the WeChat mobile phone, how to shut down, he said that no money. "Mother Zhu asked her son what was the matter, Zhu Xiaodong said nothing, just let Zhu mother hurry to his house.

Zhu mother before going out, to Zhu Xiaodong's father made a phone call, let her husband go first, "he and his son live in a neighborhood, close to.". "Received his ex-wife's phone, Zhu dad coat did not take care of, and went to the son's home, a cigarette has not finished, Zhu mother also arrived.

"just let me sit down as soon as I enter the door.". "Mother Zhu said, she asked her son what the matter, the son told her, Yang Liping died, Zhu mother suddenly stunned," what's the matter? "I was strangled. "Zhu Xiaodong told mom. "Bang", heard here, Zhu mother holding the scarf fell to the ground, this is she for the day of the party have to give qingumu gifts. "How could you do that?" "

", I think? Do I want to? Do I want to? "Zhu Xiaodong kept repeating the three words until his mother asked him," now what about her? "

" is in the freezer. "

" when did it happen?. "

" last October. "

" she doesn't go to work? No one in her unit is looking for her "Mother Zhu didn't particularly understand," she resigned. "

" how did you know she quit? "

" she asked me to accompany him to quit his job".

's dialogue on this matter came to an end. Mother Zhu said she asked her son why he did so, but his son didn't tell her. "As a single mother, I can only choose to be strong.". After a while, Zhu calmed down, and she advised her son to surrender, saying, "surrender is our only way out."".

then, Zhu and Zhu took a taxi to take their son to surrender. The same day, Zhu Xiaodong and his parents first taxi to the Hongkou branch, and when there, the door is closed, "did not find people, I hit a place in 110, the other asked where we are, I told him.". "Mother Zhu said, she asked each other where to send Zhu Xiaodong, the other party to wait in situ. "We were in place. About 10 minutes later, the police car came.". "

Zhu Xiaodong day with their parents quietly, parents go, he goes. "He said before," go in is dead, "I said," you can not say so, you go in may have a way out, you listen to mother's words. ". He listened to me, and chose to surrender. "

to the police station, Yang Liping's cousin called mother Zhu, asked her if she had any contact with Zhu Xiaodong and Yang Liping," I said that we in the police station, out of some things, let them come, that time has been more than 6 in the afternoon. "

in Zhu mother's eyes, Zhu Xiaodong is a child, is also a good little, timid, few words, Zhu mother didn't know why her son would do such a thing, she remain perplexed despite much thought. The lawyer for Zhu Jiaqing to meet with Zhu Xiaodong, Zhu Xiaodong told the lawyer, he accidentally strangled Yang Liping.

lawyer asked Zhu Xiaodong why not save Yang Liping, "he said he wanted to call to save Yang Liping, but then he saw Yang Liping did not move, urinary incontinence, and will continue to watch her for three hours, and then put her in the freezer. "Mother Zhu said," this is what the lawyer told her later.

, but what happened that day is still a mystery. Zhu said his mother in these days

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