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Roy Chiu Tse Xiao Wang and Xiao Wang Yang Liyin take

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" mistress Wang entertainment NetEase reported on August 30th , according to Taiwan media reports, the day before the actor Roy Chiu Tse finished men love movies, then the next National Grand Theatre "and" mistress Wang, the first challenge stage. He said, all direct One take, no NG opportunities, "will not shout card, to play all the time, I feel full of exciting, but the most afraid should be forget words.". "And one of the senior actors, Yang Liyin, described it as" racing cars "and" no way back. ".

"and" drama mistress Wang described Roy Chiu Tse and single bearing moment about men love, and later married; but because the elderly father moment for a joyous, then have to marry Yan Yi wen. The single later died, Yan Yiwen saw his posthumous recipient is Roy Chiu Tse, and criticize each other is "Wang"; but Roy Chiu Tse took two photos, gas back: "you are the mistress! "

single bearing moment, because the start up lines not much," I've been thinking, Roy Chiu Tse's kiss, a kiss I was entranced, we (with Roy Chiu Tse) on the scene to direct pro, but the director did not want to. "Let Roy Chiu Tse kept laughing; and Colonel Xie Nianzu said," is to look at the movie. "

because of the plot chat to small three and Wang, ask three people have", almost become "small three" or "Xiao Wang" experience? "Yang Liyin laughed." I've been thinking, I don't have a chance. ". "A single moment says," you die, it's impossible. "Qiu Zeze said," there is no &hellip. "The show will debut in early November.

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