Build a villa one day? This technology is fire in China

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weifengwang· 2017-08-31 05:48:16

", and with the maturing of 3D printing technology, the field of its application is more and more widely. Recently, some media said Hangzhou Popham Technology Co., printing a 2-3 layer construction area of 250-300 square meters of the house, took just 24 hours or so. Once the news came out, immediately attracted widespread attention from all walks of life.

it is understood that the technology company is a start-up technology enterprises, technology from the University of Southern California 3D printing building father professor Biglock Khoshnevis, printing technology excellent. In order to be able to print out the practical technology Popham villa, after several years of technical development, the contour forming technology "has been upgraded. In fact, can do a print thickness up to 3-100cm of the enterprise, science and technology is the first popham.

in the material, the use of technology -- is of special mortar or concrete construction. And in order to print out a 30cm thick villa within 24 hours, the relevant personnel Jiang Xufeng said, the need for machinery, control, the overall speed of operation and sprinkler discharge and other overall perfect cooperation can be completed. Printing out such a huge building, presumably the corresponding machine is also very large. It is reported that the machine size of 15 meters wide, 7 meters high, known as the world's largest construction 3D printer. At present, Popham technology has completed the 1:1 size of the largest size of the world building 3D printer developed as well as the world's largest size of the first building integrated, assembled 1:1 printing house. The architectural characteristics of

compared with the traditional 3D, print out the housing has the following characteristics:

1, fast. Using 3D printing technology to build houses without manual formwork can directly make CAD drawings into solid buildings, thus greatly shortening the development cycle of buildings, increasing productivity and reducing production costs. Compared to the traditional building technology, 3D printing technology is obviously simple and fast. In addition, you can also achieve online orders, such as the purchase of home appliances as custom-made houses, the house has become a commodity!

2, green environmental protection. This 3D printing house with the corrugated wall, increase the strength at the same time, the internal join polyurethane insulation materials, greatly improve the comfort of the house, really cool, low carbon, green house. Not only that, the walls are not scattered dust, sound insulation effect is also very good. Besides, the firmness of this house is also worth relying on. It is reported that the wall is 3~5 times the strength of traditional buildings, and the service life is 1 times the traditional building. So users who want to rely on 3D printing technology to build homes need not worry about their security.

3", and "exterior pluralism". 3D printing technology is not satisfactory compared with the traditional construction technology, only the housing design square. 3D print out the appearance of the room can be designed by heart, both for the plane, but also for surface design, "arbitrary", greatly subvert our imagination.

in fact, 3D printing technology is now used not only in housing construction, but also in medical applications. The artificial heart, which has been widely circulated for some time, is made by 3D printing technology. Perhaps in the future, with the maturing of 3D printing technology, there will be more unknown areas applied to the technology. Xiao Bian hopes, 3D printing technology can create a better tomorrow for our society!

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