Accounting for more than 3, indicating that the leadership does not trust you!

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a lot of people go to work every day, unsuspectingly everyday, confused, led by a diffident appearance as everyone knows, sometimes you don't trust each other has been on, you don't know can.

therefore, it is really important to know what the leader's attitude to you is, and the following accounts for more than 3, which shows that the leader may have no confidence in you.

" to let others to do your work

this is a double-edged sword, leaders generally do not get others to do your work, because it is a basic respect for you; but sometimes special circumstances, the leadership will let others do you the work, this is a matter of expediency, not necessarily do not trust you.

but if the leadership is not because of the special circumstances and let others to do your work, it is usually not what happens when special circumstances, let others step by step to take over your work, it is possible that the other party has not trust you, you start slowly overhead.

, as a career person, must be well prepared at any time and think more often. What should I do if I suddenly get fired? By what means? Be prepared with both hands so that nothing will happen to you.

after all, your boss may have a lot of change, the market is also a lot of change, there are a lot of life accident, so don't expect anyone to kill you.

on the job, your loyalty to leadership doesn't necessarily change to the leadership's loyalty to you. The leader doesn't always take your feelings into account, because the other person doesn't love you.

for his signature is not readily

ordinary people, for the people you trust, will not think so much, you want him to do what he promised directly even without demur.

if you need to sign the list, and give it to your leaders to sign, the other point is not agile, but left look right look, look, check around, finally reluctantly signed; this often show each other is not very trust you.

of course, some leaders are cautious by nature. It's normal to check more than once. The key is how he looks after you.

if you don't have a heartfelt expression or a normal expression on your face when you look at it, it's more difficult to trust you, because he's wondering if you're not reliable Are you involved in something that shouldn't be...

if that's the case, you have to reflect on your behavior.

rumors about you, the ear is very soft on

rumors about you, the ear is very soft, meaning that when people just say a few words to you anything in front of him, he acquiesced, anyway, not help you to refute or excuse, not for your sake, let others say you what it is.

critical moment, you can see a person's confidence in you. That's what


if other people deny you, he also denies you the same way, which means that he does not trust you very much, so you will find that he always stands in other people's position and doesn't support you.

those who really trust your boss or colleagues, usually do not necessarily help you speak, because the usual things may not be what happened, so they don't need to show their position or stand so fast; but the key moment will generally try to support you, at least they are on your attitude this side of the.

any relationship is like this, the key moment is not quite your people, most of them don't trust you very much, no matter how polite or friendly they are, it is an illusion.

" suddenly told you who you are dissatisfied with

in general, the boss in order to team harmony, is not to do things this mischief, convenient for his own management work smoothly; in addition to some special finance leadership, will be idle nothing to do, always for some other colleagues that some subordinates ill make everyone happy.

if you have been very careful about your work, there has not been any contradiction with your colleagues, nor have you offended any clients. Your attitude towards work has not changed much. But

leaders are always looking for excuses to say that who you are dissatisfied with the like, this is deliberately finding fault, because he wanted to replace you, at least that he began to trust you.

meets this kind of situation, does not need to make many struggles, lets him directly say he wants how like, if he lets you go, you go, so as not to embarrass.

after all, the world has not come to an end, the other good treatment units where you again good, but once you start to pick your leadership, you don't need to stay, tear the skin really ugly, in this atmosphere

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