The Titanic had 6 Chinese survivors, and the British documentary revealed the story of their humiliating survival

The Titanic England director

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" referred to the Titanic, everyone will think Rose and Jack love story, but the Titanic wreck is still by far the most known shipwreck. There are more than 1500 people died in this shipwreck, only one lifeboat rescued.... and there are six Chinese on this ship, just because they are unwarranted abuse nationality for 100 years, until a British media put their story onto the screen....

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1912 in April 14th, the Titanic (RMS Titanic) cruise boat known as the "unsinkable ship" (unsinkable), on its first voyage (maiden voyage) - from British Southampton to America New York - just hit an iceberg, only 2 hours and 40 minutes after the ship sank.

resulting in 2224 crew and passengers, more than 1500 people were killed in a shipwreck, become by far the most widely known. After the

" story, is known as the Jack and Ruth love, women and children first ("women and children first protocol", but that may not be entirely true gentleman behavior)...... For more than a hundred years, most of the more than 700 survivors have been recorded in history.

", however, you may not know this, more than 700 survivors, 6 Chinese, and their stories, but little-known.

recently, a British director Arthur Jones filmed a documentary called "Six" (The), visited their descendants, restore the bitter story of the year.

, take a look at the trailer of "six people" first.

, the documentary is still being filmed and is expected to be broadcast on 2018.

, at that time, a total of 8 Chinese people boarded the Titanic, of which 6 survived.

their registered names are: Fang, Lang, Lee, Bing, Ali, Lam, Chang, Chip, Choong, Foo, Lee, Ling, Ling, Lee and Len Lam. Check the name Chinese 3: Li Bing, Bing Zhong Jie, new. The youngest is 24 years old and the oldest is 37.

" they are on the ship boiler worker, is the most humble Titanic jobs, working hours per day in 14th Five-Year.

" in order to save costs, then shipping companies love recruit Chinese crew, they only have one ticket, the fare is 59 pounds 9 shillings 11 pence for 8 person, three class, number 1601.

, that is, they live with "Jack" with only 1/5 of the whites of the same work paid.

" was released in 2012 "Titanic" shipwreck Centennial

3D edition

97 version of the cut Chinese crew shot again

" at that time, the ship after the accident. The crew first notified the first class rich. People in the three class didn't know the ship was sinking, even if they knew they couldn't get out because the hatch was locked.

later, the hatch was opened, and three class passengers swarmed out. But many lifeboats have been put into the water.

, 5 Chinese have reportedly found a broken boat on the deck.

the five men pulled together and threw the boat, which was practically helpless, into the sea and jumped into the sea and dipped into the water. Fortunately, he was later rescued by a lifeboat.

" and the other one Chinese Fang Lang, according to Sixth Tone reported that he was lucky to be No. 14 lifeboat rescued, the lifeboat is the only ship to return cruise ships to search for survivors.

, but the people on the lifeboat were also arguing about whether to save the asian.

Twenty-six-year-old sailor Fang Lang was lashed to a floating piece of the Titanic when one of its few lifeboats spotted him.

was a lifeboat who saw the 26 year old officer Fang Lang, who was tied to a piece of wreckage on the Titanic.

Before, he, lost, consciousness, Fang, had, tied, himself, to,, the, frail, raft

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