GTA also want to eat chicken _ GTA Onlin Battle Royale update mode

Poaching riders Battle Royale Onlin update mode

499· 2017-08-31 11:03:32

if the stimulus doesn't satisfy you, my brother. Maybe you and I should go to play chicken in Los st.! No mistake, it is because of this big update of GTA that the world has changed from crime city to city! Only in this way can we continue to challenge ourselves, won't we? We have to move faster! Let those who rob the bank don't rob! Come and eat the chicken!


the source of evil:

Los St., a large and sunny city, full of self-help gurus, friends and celebrities and corrupt officials, a group was the envy of the inhabitants of the western world but is also in the struggle for survival of the era, economic decline and cheap to make moral here the chaos. Facing the rolling financial storm, three different strange coffee designs their survival and success. Franklin is a street Dun, looking for real opportunities and a lot of money. Mike is a four place bank robber and professional criminal. He hopes to lead a better life when he wash his hands. He was a freak, violent freak and drug addict who drove the opportunity and the pickup truck full of white powder. By chance they came together. For all you want, three people choose a series of bold and dangerous criminal action

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