WeChat pictures do not work? It's been alerted to the Tencent!

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ITzhijia· 2017-08-31 13:07:46

8 31 news, this morning there are media reports, "after WeChat send photos, do not send" original "! Possible exposure location information, the report said, the test sent a friend to eat a hot pot photos, his friend only WeChat chat in a "original picture", it completely found the pot shop location. But this is actually the photo positioning system in the smartphone, leaving the Exif parameter location information.

" but because a lot of the media used "WeChat do not send the original title" suspected of misleading users, the Tencent WeChat team at noon today responded, indicating geographic location information disclosure has nothing to do with WeChat.

we are concerned about the recent online rumors about WeChat sent the original disclosure of privacy ", we are as follows:

now, any intelligent mobile phone photographs contain Exif parameters, you can call the GPS global positioning system data, record the location, time and other information in the photo.

when the user sends the original picture to other people, the accompanying information is also sent out. It's true whether it's WeChat, text messaging, mail, or other transport tools. Strictly speaking, the so-called geographical location information leakage, unrelated to WeChat. Some of the public will be attributed to WeChat, seriously misleading, causing panic to the vast number of users.

in addition, the pictures sent by users in the friend circle have been automatically compressed by the system, not the original picture, without the location information. Some accounts claim "through the circle of friends pictures show a complete day trail, a It is sheer fiction.

we hope the public account can careful screening information, avoid exaggerating, causing unnecessary damage to the public and enterprises; also remind the user to pay attention to the protection of personal information, in the intelligent mobile phone settings, turn off location services and other privacy related functions.

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