Guiyang primary school teacher bowed to the students, salute, accused of show

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shijuezhongguo· 2017-09-01 06:12:17

", "a primary school in Guiyang", the teacher dressed neatly and bowed to the students in the school. What do you think? "In August 30th, there are users in Sina, micro-blog released the news, and then immediately triggered net friend comments. Some netizens believe that schools in "show", there are users that this is a good way to train children to understand good manners. (source: visual China)

" a netizen commented: "the school is a solemn and precise place, schools are beginning to use the commercial approach. Another netizen accused the school of being a "show"". Some netizens said, "parents who send their children to school see the scene and sometimes teach their children to bow to their teachers.". "(source:

third primary school principal Chen Liuhong groves, micro-blog pictures refers to a campus for the school teachers and students of the bow, but the micro-blog only discloses the teacher salute, actually will give students the teacher back. (source: visual China)

" the school said it was to guide the child set up respectful of the heart, and has continued for a year, parents have also expressed support. (source: visual China)

" it is reported that the school since its inception, the school staff and students has been practicing, traditional culture and etiquette education. In an interview with reporters on the same day, found the first week of school "homework", is to practice "filial piety and courtesy" as the theme. The day he saw the feedback from parents school etiquette education have radiation to many families, children salute to the elders tea at home, but also help the elders to wash the dishes, sweep the floor pinch shoulder, active. (source: visual China)

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