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Beijing, Beijing in September 1, the client (Tang Qi) reporter from the 12306 day before the Chinese Railway Customer Service Center learned that eleven of the first day of the holiday train tickets this year will be held tomorrow (September 2nd) went on sale. Do you have a "grab ticket" pose for a friend who has a travel plan?

data sheet: FuZhou Railway Station refund window. Wang Dongming agency issued photo

tickets! Eleven, the train ticket from the online sale of

, every eleven golden week, the sale of train tickets has always been hot, many popular direction of the ticket is hard to get a ticket. This year's Mid Autumn Festival (October 4th) coincides with the National Day holiday, forming the 8 day from October 1st to October 8th, and even the peak of passenger visiting and traveling passengers will overlap.

Beijing reporters call 12306 days before the Chinese Railway Customer Service Center learned that this year eleven is the first day of the holidays, the train ticket will be on sale from October 1st to September 2nd. Return tickets, September 9th can buy the last day of the holiday, that is, October 8th train tickets.

in fact, eleven vacation "grab tickets" war or already started early. According to media reports, a "2017, eleven, Golden Week travel trends forecast report" said that this year's eleven long vacation will have 650 million domestic travel.

reporter in August 31st on 12306 mobile phone APP noticed that in September 28th, 29, Beijing to Wuhan G501, G309, G79, G405 and other high-speed rail trip train ticket has been sold out, only Z49, Z35, Z161 and other ordinary train tickets without seat.

learned that today (September 1st) the latest train tickets can be purchased online in September 30th.

, data map: G124 high-speed train arrived at Beijing South Railway Station. China News Agency reporters Cui Nan and Zhao

attention! Figure

railway in September 21st will be in addition to grab a ticket, passengers need to pay attention to is that the China railway company previously disclosed, in September 21st will be the implementation of the new train diagram, in line to open the train.

according to the Guangzhou Railway Group news release earlier, since September 21st, the group began to implement a new train diagram, the Guangzhou Railway Station will open EMU trains to Chaozhou direction for the first time, Changsha South Railway Station will be the first open line from Jiujiang originating G1480/79 train, Guangzhou Zhuhai intercity EMU further encryption, will add 16.5 pairs of EMU trains.

Wuhan Railway Administration announced that, at 0:00 on September 21st onwards, the national railway implementation of the new train map. From Wuhan to take the high-speed rail, the fastest 1 hours to Mount Lu, 2 hours to Nanchang, Wuhan to Wenzhou compressed to 6 hours, through the high-speed rail in Wuhan for the first time directly to the Wuyishan scenic area, only 4 hours.

Lanzhou Railway Bureau, the transfer plan, operation of the line mainly involves Xu LAN high iron, high iron, Lanzhou general speed, tube bus, train or train outage and additional log changes.

data map: the latest version of the high-speed train, "rejuvenation"". China News Agency reporter Hou Yu photo

early adopters! At a speed of 350 km high-speed rail to

in addition, the concern of the speed of 350 kilometers of the "Renaissance" high-speed railway in September 21st will also be in Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway line run, this is also the first peak travel "Renaissance" in speed. During the

eleven golden week, Shanghai and Beijing needs of passengers may take corresponding train early adopters experience. According to the

Chinese railway company's official website news, EMU Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway 350 kilometers per hour operation to achieve a total of 7, respectively, G3/G4, G5/G6, G1/G2 as G7/G8, G9/G10, G13/G14, G17/G18 between Beijing and Shanghai, the entire running time of 4.5 hours.

, according to media reports, "Renaissance" train height from 3700 mm to 4050 mm in a seat, car seat spacing increased by 10 cm, two seat increased by 3 cm; the train also implemented a WiFi full coverage, each row of seats increased to 6 power socket. (finished)

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