Some hundred new species have been found in Amazon, some of them endangered

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huanqiushibao· 2017-09-01 06:12:24

" according to the "Daily Mail" reported on August 31st, recently, the World Wildlife Fund and Brazil Mamiraua Research Institute in St Paul issued a report that more than more than 400 new species discovered in the past two years the Amazon rainforest, but all the new discoveries the species are subject to human threats, some of which have been newly discovered species of endangered animal, and even many in the former was found to have died. The picture shows the new discovery.

reported that Amazon is one of the most abundant natural ecological regions of the earth, a variety of animal life, too many to count the numerous species, in 2014 to 2015 years on average every two days to find a new species, the report said the scientists found 216 kinds of plants, 93 species of fish, 32 species of amphibians, 19 species of reptiles, 1 animal species and 20 species of mammals.

" on Wednesday (30 days), a judge in Brazil issued an injunction to prevent the president of Brazil Michel Temel (Michel Temer) issued a decree that allowed commercial mining in the rainforest Renka area, because this is a nine the protection zone of the large natural ecological protection zone. The picture shows the newly discovered fish.

" but the Amazon rainforest area is large, the newly discovered species distribution in nine South American countries, it is difficult to let all countries prohibit the development of rainforest in ore reservoir. "When it comes to the incredible species in the Amazon, what we've discovered is only the tip of the iceberg," says Sarah Hutchison, head of the WWF's Brazil Amazon project. Sarah Hutchison. "This means that there are many undiscovered species, but the damage to the rainforests is becoming more and more serious." the treasure trove of this precious species is not being effectively protected, but it poses a greater threat. "

map for the newly discovered bird, called" Chico's Tyrannulet ", which is on the environmental activist Francisco Alves Mendes Philo (Francisco Alves Mendes Filho) salutes, he was called" Chico Mendes "(Chico Mendes). Mr. Mendes led a campaign to save the tropical rainforest deforestation in Brazil.

Sarah Hutchison apprehensively said, "there are many species are likely to go extinct before we know, this is the real risk. "A newly discovered shallow water stingray.".

" the Amazon rainforest accounted for all the earth the earth is 1/3, 10% species of home, Sarah Hutchison said, "to stop deforestation, if do not, will affect the precious animal and plant species produce irreversible. "This is a newly discovered pink puffer.".

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