Admiral Han Weiguo has his army commander admiral Li Zuocheng to succeed

Beijing Nanjing Hebei Jingxing

changanjiezhishi· 2017-09-01 07:24:14

8 31 in the morning, Chinese Communist Party of the Beijing garrison ninth congress. Han Weiguo, commander of the army, attended and spoke.

" at present, Admiral Han Weiguo has his army commander, Admiral Li Zuocheng to succeed. Prior to this, Li Zuocheng served as chief of staff of the Joint Chiefs of staff of the Central Military commission. The

changed after the start of the five war zone was formally established in February 1, 2016, Han Weiguo served as commander of the central theater. On the eve of August 1 this year, he was promoted to the general, and later served as commander in chief of the 90th anniversary parade parade to celebrate the PLA Liberation army.

" Han Weiguo, male, Han nationality, Hebei Jingxing people, born in January 1956, graduated from the National Defense University, a member of the Communist Party of China, joint campaign headquarters professional, graduate degree, master's degree in military science, July 28, 2017, was promoted to the rank of.

served as commander in chief of the twelfth army of the PLA Nanjing military area command. In December,

2013 was appointed deputy commander of the PLA Beijing military area command.

2016 was appointed commander of the central theater of the Chinese people's Liberation Army in February.

currently serves as commander of the army.

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