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The country collapsed, and the worst was china!

Venezuela the economy the United States the dollar

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authorization from the financial tide (ID:guide0929); Author: Chao brother

disorderly state no matter how it is attractive! The phrase "

" has just been verified by China's private enterprises at a huge economic cost of $5 billion.


not disorderly state here that the chaotic state, is Venezuela, South American countries have a rich flow of oil.

" is located in northern South America, Venezuela

according to authoritative media reports, Venezuela is Chinese in the first major investment destination in Latin America, political turmoil and economic recession after the years, China enterprises suffered heavy losses, the project included in the bilateral cooperation agreement in the relationship between the two countries under pressure, some still managed to maintain; not included in the capital, is a high probability event. According to rough statistics, the loss of Chinese private enterprises has reached 3 billion. -50 billion U. S. dollars.

according to statistics from the Ministry of Commerce, from the beginning of 2012, Venezuela became the largest investment China receiving countries in Latin American countries, up to $2 billion 43 million, up $501 million a year earlier, this position has long been occupied in Brazil. But

and Neiruirui Commission most resource-based countries, can not avoid the "resource curse", in the global energy prices and the political corruption in the background, once let them proud of the oil, the potential to all-powerful destroyed their economic structure, hundreds of Chinese companies suffered be implicated in trouble.

how did this country, once admired by countless people, step by step into the abyss?


how did Venezuela collapse?

since World War II, oil and gas are the most important energy sources for mankind. Those countries, sitting on these resources, lived comfortably for decades. Venezuela is one of them.

Venezuela has a rich oil reserves, accounting for about 4% of the world's total, ranking first in South america. Relying on huge oil exports, the South American nation has made a great deal of foreign exchange. In 70s the

century, the envy of the purchasing power of the people of Venezuela attracted a large crowd of people, their middle class travel to Europe brand bags and clothing shopping spree, you can easily buy a car be nothing difficult, within ten years of University Teachers' income. Venezuela in the

90 era was hailed as the economic engine of South America. When President Clinton visited South America, the first stop was venezuela. When Chavez came to power in

2000, the wealthy Venezuelan began spending lavishly and held up the foreign debt. Chavez in order to obtain public support, re elected, the implementation of high welfare policies for the people.

spends a lot of money on welfare projects. The Chavez Administration for each commodity are set to a fixed price, even after it announced the nationalization of the farm, they will completely abandon, it is the national economy all the betting in the crude oil export market. In addition to

oil, in addition to all the people of Venezuela, creativity and innovation in high welfare policy will disappear, after the economic collapse of buried seeds.

in addition to the implementation of high welfare policy, Chavez also repeatedly challenge the United States, publicly criticized the U.S. politicians, prohibit the use of Christmas and the Christmas tree in all the public places, because that is the "American holiday sign", and the oil export threat.

the United States is very angry, coupled with the crisis in Ukraine, in order to deal with Russia and Venezuela, the United States began to take measures to suppress energy prices.

sadly, after the new president Maduro did not follow the path of economic system reform in Venezuela, but follows Chavez's policies. The

Maduro administration also announced that it would stop issuing any reliable statistics, including economic growth and inflation. The Maduro administration collects millions of dollars in bribes from construction projects and continues to borrow heavily even when it is difficult to pay off existing debt.

2015 international oil prices plummeted. There are three main reasons:

1, the end of quantitative easing, the dollar began to raise interest rates, the overall strength, resulting in resource prices overall decline; shale oil shale gas technology

2, American breakthrough, energy self-sufficiency rate, China, Canada

3, follow up; new energy technology, especially the technology of new energy vehicles mature.

oil in Venezuela, is Aladdin's magic lamp. Once the price of oil falls, the risk that it contains will be ignited at once. After the collapse of the only economic pillar of the

, Venezuela collapsed, coupled with a massive devaluation of the government's currency, Bolivar. There are statistics, Maduro came to power four years, the Venezuelan currency Bolivar depreciation rate of up to 99.5%.

in the Venezuelan capital Caracas coffee shop, the waiter with a 2 yuan of "Bolivar" (local currency) to the customer in a napkin cake, because the price is 5 dollars "Bolivar"! The state revenues of the

countries are even more destroyed.

": 2011 is the Venezuelan government cash reserves of $30 billion, by 2015 this figure dropped to 2
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