What did the ancient ladies do? They need to satisfy the emperor's demands

Ancient female official

qulishi· 2017-09-01 13:12:56

in China's feudal society, the status of women is very low, want to be almost impossible, officialdom is basically a man's world. But there are still a few women in history as the history of the people called the female officer. Today, this article and we talk about some things about female officials, I hope you can like it.


network with the ancient female officer they all concentrated in the palace, with the emperor around. These women's special identity, is the maid, has certain powers and served as a palace office, also holds the same role as concubines, whenever and wherever possible are likely to be lucky to share the emperor, give birth to a prince, was a birthright, not lucky, in the palace of ancient life, unaccompanied.

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