Woman holding the child was tripped and fell police, someone's police were suspended

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fengmianxinwen· 2017-09-01 13:28:23

latest news: September 1, 2017 morning at 10:30 pm, Songjiang Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment police led the auxiliary police to carry out remediation illegal parking in the vicinity of nine Lulai Du Fang Lu, was a female owner of the illegally parked police violence to obstruct, without considering its hands embrace the safety of children the woman in the control process, the women and children on the ground. At present, the police have sent the woman and child to the hospital for medical examination.

cover news reporter Liang Bo

9 1, a 53 second video on WeChat shuabing. A video of the most disturbing, is dressed in a police uniform standard of the police traffic police, a woman in the arms of the doll to enforce the law, take the "throw" of MS in the control process, because the ladies were left holding a child doll, with lady lying on the ground. The child's cry was even bigger than before.

, clearly visible from this video, a number P8440 police car parked on the roadside. The license plate number is the beginning of Shanghai A. According to users clues, the police car should be subordinate to the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau Songjiang branch. Songjiang branch propaganda section yuan police officer to this cover news (thecover.cn) confirmed that the video incident occurred at 10 in the morning on September 1st, the incident site is located in Shanghai, Songjiang, Jiuting. There's nothing serious about being thrown into a child. Currently, police in Songjiang are investigating the incident. Specific circumstances will be announced by the police official micro-blog WeChat.

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