Chinese tourists do not come, South Korean travel agents turned to sell lamb kebabs

South Korea Hyundai the yuan travel

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China's tourist arrivals plummeted, leaving South Korea's tourism industry unusually unhappy.

data show that in 2016 Chinese visit bursting with tourists, the total number of 8 million 60 thousand passengers. However, the data in this year but cliff style decline, according to the Korea Tourism News, this year 3-7 month, the number of foreign tourists to visit for 5 million 170 thousand people, representing a decrease of 2 million 310 thousand people. Very coincidentally, during this period, Chinese tourists also dropped by 2 million 310 thousand people.

Chinese tourists do not come, South Korea travel agency business miserable talk, in order to support the family, some workers try to make money by other means, such as mutton kebab shop.

South Korea travel agency staff to sell yangrouchuan

overseas network quoted Korea Central Daily News reported that the 2016 visit to South Korea Chinese tourists reached 8 million people, nearly six months in fact at a standstill. The Southeast Asian Tourism Association Secretary General Jin Zhongze (sound) said, "more than 130 members of the company, is now receiving China tourists travel only to more than 10, and not a group of tourists, but at the duty-free shop purchasing duty-free goods purchasing". A travel agency called Xinhua, which received 1 million 100 thousand visitors in 2016, received about 100 thousand people from January to August this year. More and more

travel agency to start looking for a new direction after the closure, who requested anonymity responsible for Chinese tourists travel agency official said: "after March the staff opened a kebab shop, because they are not good, so I also give some investment. "Another responsible for China tourists travel agency official said, after the closure to the construction industry, and said," I thought of those employees, but the market rally should feel, very dim, unable to make a decision". Become very quiet at the duty-free shop stores reduced

"China tourists (source: Nikkei Chinese net)

South Korea's tourism industry that the" early late at the end of the year "China tourists will return to Korea, but after six months now, the situation becomes more deterioration. Tourism industry official said: "even next year, the spring festival may be difficult to receive Chinese groups of tourists, and now any prediction is meaningless.".

South Korean conglomerate

decline in the performance of each by the small (micro signal: nbdnews) noted that a microcosm of the travel agency is the South Korean economy by tourists China dismal reduced effects in South Korea, many industries rely on Chinese tourists to eat".

was first hit by the transportation industry. Yonhap news said that in the first half of this year, South Korea to China route passenger traffic decreased by 27.5%, to 7 million passengers. The same hard hit and cruise industry, the Asian economic report, March South Korea cruise tourists is only 54 thousand people, fell by nearly half, 4-6 months, is a monthly decline to 25 thousand people, 19 thousand people and 11 thousand people, only 1/10 last year. According to reports, the Korean cruise industry relies heavily on the Chinese market. In 2016, 91% of all cruise passengers were Chinese tourists.

"on the absolutely empty South Korea Cheju Airport (source: Asia)

of course, no China tourists buy buy buy cosmetics, cars and department stores are not better than the days of South korea.

Xinhua News Agency reported that recently a number of South Korean enterprises released two quarter earnings report a sharp decline in performance, South Korean media quoted industry sources said, the number of tourists to Korea Chinese dropped sharply and resist Chinese consumers, are important factors leading to the decline in corporate profits of South korea.

disclosed in the financial statements in China high visibility of the South Korean cosmetics company amore Pacific Limited, the second quarter profit than the same period last year Kuangxiang 60% to 77 billion 400 million won (about 464 million yuan). In the second quarter of 2016, net profit of amore Pacific 193 billion won (1 billion 157 million yuan).

Korea KB securities analyst Pu Xinai (transliteration), unless otherwise China significant tourists return, amore Pacific performance will not turn over.

Hyundai Motor Company also fell sharply. In the second quarter of this year, Hyundai's net profit fell 48% to 914 billion won (5 billion 479 million yuan). Compared to the same period in 2016, Hyundai Motor business profits fell by 24%.

Yonhap quoted industry as saying that China and the United States market demand plummeted, is the main reason for the performance of modern diving. Hyundai's performance is worse than expected and the outlook is grim.

Lotte store also performed worse than expected. In the second quarter of this year, Lotte operating income compared to the same period in 2016 to cut, fell to 87 billion 300 million won (523 million yuan); net profit is diving to 4 billion 100 million won (24 million 580 thousand yuan), down 95% compared to the same period last year.

"Jeju Korea Lotte duty free shop in many customers (source: Yonhap)

Chinese tourists no longer buy buy buy

China wayward tourists to Korea economy can have such influence, on the one hand because of the huge number, and on the other hand is China tourists lavish.

Korean media reported in 2015 that the consumption of Chinese tourists in South Korea amounted to $1431 per capita (about 1 million 550 thousand won)