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introduction: Sun Hongbin specifically talked about music, said, "in the investment music as before, I have no regrets in this life.". But after investing in music, if I do not make this company do well, I really regret it in my life. "After saying this, Sun Hongbin took off his glasses and wiped the tears in his eyes.

, carrying a computer bag and wearing his trademark dark red tie, appeared at the company's 2017 interim results conference, Sun Hongbin, chairman of 01918.HK.

Sun Hongbin SUNAC China 2017 interim results conference

9 1, SUNAC Chinese held in 2017 interim results conference in Hongkong, SUNAC China Chairman Sun Hongbin, executive director and chief executive officer Wang Mengde, vice president and Secretary of the board of directors Gao Xi and chief financial officer Cao Hongling attended the conference.

in the whole performance process, Sun Hongbin with his accustomed humor and humor, so that the original boring performance will be issued from time to time bursts of laughter.

earnings data show that as of June 30th, financial record of the total assets of 423 billion 800 million yuan, the contract sales amounted to 108 billion 850 million yuan, representing an increase of about 94.2% over the same period of 2016; the income of about 13 billion 332 million 200 thousand yuan, an increase of 25.9%; gross profit of about 2 billion 615 million yuan, an increase of 86%; net profit of 1 billion 614 million yuan, an increase of 1469.7%.

talk about Jia Yueting, Sun Hongbin was choked: "

must do a good job as"

site several investors and the media asked about the music, Sun Hongbin said: "I only said LETV things at once. Today is a financial performance conference. "

data released from the financial record, in terms of profits, investment music as part of the loss of about 1 billion 500 million yuan.

Sun Hongbin devoted to music, said: "in the investment music as before, I have no regrets in this life.". But after investing in music, if I do not make this company do well, I really regret it in my life. "After saying this, Sun Hongbin took off his glasses and wiped the tears in his eyes.

Sun Hongbin: this year I will tell Jia Yueting what is called the

arm to survive in Sun Hongbin's view, although Jia Yueting failed, but others are very thick, and can make the earliest layout in an industry.

"January when I told Lao Jia said that what is called the arm to survive, to. "

Sun Hongbin said Jia Yueting indecisive: you see people Wang

Sun Hongbin believes that Jia Yueting sometimes things do not resolutely, lack the spirit of ruling.

"I told the old Jia said, our industry is more and more expensive, your industry is less valuable, EDAW car, no user and money, it's not worth the money. We voted for the 100 $3 billion bank mortgage, 2 billion tax, but also lost some fragmentary accounts, a total of 3 billion can be used. When we look at the account, as the music mobile phone loss 9 billion 200 million, 3 billion, this is a drop in the bucket. Unfortunately, the solution is not resolute. Look at Lao Wang (Wang Jianlin). "When Sun Hongbin mentioned Wang Jianlin, the audience laughed and applauded," that's what a successful entrepreneur is. "

Sun Hongbin: public criticism of Jia Yueting too, failure is normal

Sun Hongbin said, Lao Jia is very generous to the people, there is the theme of spirit, forward-looking, four years ago, has already begun to do the smart car. He felt that the public opinion was too critical of Jia, who said he wanted to be kind.

"Lao Jia is a very kind person, but Lao Jia has really failed, and that has to be admitted.". "Sun Hongbin said:" he sold shares, sold 10 billion, buy a house is also appropriate. Success is failure, innovation is encouraged and tolerance is defeated. "When

talks about Jia Yueting and the music, Sun Hongbin mentions people a lot of good intentions.

"it's perfectly natural that he took the money, and that's what we agreed with him.". Of course, Lao Jia promised not to do so. It was the credit that was damaged. Because Lao Jia is not resolute, we should resolutely sell it and cooperate with us. Old Jia took a good card in his hand, playing so rotten, this is because he did not eat the loss, eat a loss, the next time I know. "

" last December, if I don't vote for Lao Jia, then the music will die and I'll have to help him. I have to help him all the time. I've always said that people want to be kind, why are we so cattle in the M & a market? We don't want to harm people. I am a straightforward person, to be kind, I must have made a good company letv. "The business model of

new music on new music as a business model, Sun Hongbin said:" we have not done what the business model, we put the business model of Xinle listed companies, including visual music, pictures and music as music as caused by the new cloud, I believe that this new system will certainly be valuable. LETV TV thing is really a good stuff, old Jia let us have a take-off basis to continue to do. LETV new business model is completely different, but the BAT video platform competition, because of their traffic, then we take a step back, do Internet TV, none of this piece of BAT, not the platform to do the content, BAT to grab. The business model has changed slightly to make money. "

talks about financial innovation China

Sun Hongbin: cooperation with Wanda, brigade brigade project equity ratio will change