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recently saw a 31 year old man in Shenzhen on micro-blog. He wrote: "I have a high salary of twenty thousand, but because of the large daily expenses, the economic conditions are not good."". Because of this sentence, by a large number of people message Tucao, the effect is "too confident", "twenty thousand is not really high", "this is also called a high salary", "in Shenzhen, twenty thousand monthly salary, really too ordinary" and the like.

put the message not to talk, although in the first-tier cities over a million monthly income, income level is relatively common, but in the whole range of Chinese, thousand is well considered threshold.

so, how many people are there in China?

2017, with the local government and the Local Taxation Bureau gradually released data, Chinese monthly salary of over a million people has soared, we discuss these data.

in China in December 19, 2005 the State Council promulgated the revised "Regulations" provisions of the implementation of the individual income tax, annual income of 120 thousand yuan or more taxpayers, the competent tax authorities to declare taxes after the end of the year to 3 months. Please note:

regulations formulated by the State Administration of Taxation in the "measures", an annual income of 120 thousand yuan is to include all income, in addition to the basic salary, including labor remuneration, royalties, interest, dividends, bonuses and the lease of property, property transfer and so on, are required to declare.

, that is to say, your house is rented to others, you make money in stocks, your money exists, the balance treasure has interest, your car let others carpool, collect some money, it is your income.


2006, the first year of the implementation of self declaration, deputy director of the State Administration of Taxation Sun Ruibiao disclosed at a meeting in 2007, in the declaration before the declaration is expected to have 5 million people, but after the end of the reporting period, the declaration of the number of only 1 million 630 thousand people.

2010 in, 4 years later, in 2010, the number of national declarations has changed to 2 million 689 thousand, 4 years, an increase of nearly 1 million people.

the average annual increase of 250 thousand, accounting for the proportion of the population is about 0.2%, every 500 person has a personal monthly income of over 10000.

should say, during this period, the growth rate is very fast, at more than 10%, but in terms of absolute population, it has not increased much.

2011 from to 2011, the number of declarations has grown to 3 million 150 thousand, an increase of 17.1%.

today, according to China's independent declaration of the number of tax, we can draw some interesting conclusions.

Shanghai: to declare the number of ranking first

Shanghai (map)

is very interesting, only 2 million 689 thousand people nationwide in 2010 a tax self declaration, and Shanghai, a city of more than 400 thousand people, accounting for about 15% of the country, the government of Shanghai the system with high efficiency and strong sense of the remarkable Shanghai tax. This 400 thousand is the estimated value, because the number of independent declaration of tax in Shanghai in 2007 was 238 thousand people, compared with 292 thousand in 2008.

in 2017, Shanghai city did not announce how many people have declared their own tax, but the total number of people should be able to break millions, ranking first in the country.

, as many as a million people in a city, a monthly salary of over 10000, reflects Shanghai's affluence.

two or three line city tax

generally soared 40% - more than 50%

due to the Chinese tax system gradually improved, and the application of big data and artificial intelligence of the Internet more and more developed, more and more perfect supervision system, independent tax declare the number of coverage is increasing, so that the two or three line of the city in 2017 the main tax number of violence increase.

below is part of the two or three tier cities in 2017 annual income of more than 120 thousand yuan tax declaration number.

Qingdao City, a total of 121792 people for the 2016 annual tax declaration, an increase of 39932 over the previous year, an increase of 46.99%. This figure in 2014, only 64 thousand and 700 people, doubled in three years.

Nanning City, a total of 38174 people for the 2016 annual tax declaration, an increase of 10900, an increase of 44.54%.

Changsha Local Taxation Bureau received a total of 120 thousand yuan and more than 2016 yuan of personal income tax, 106788 people self tax declaration, a substantial increase over the previous year, an increase of up to 48.33%.

Chengdu autonomous tax declaration number of 224 thousand and 500 people, compared with 124 thousand and 560 in 2016 soared 80.2%. Chengdu tax declaration number alone has exceeded 200 thousand people, higher than Qingdao.

, Lanzhou and Wuhan's growth rate is exaggerated amazing, doubling achieved.

Lanzhou 2017 individual income tax declaration number of 46 thousand and 400 people, an increase of 28 thousand people, an increase of 152.90%, the number of declarations hit the calendar year.

Wuhan declaration number of 216 thousand and 700 people, accounting for 67.85% of the province's own number of declarations. In 2015, the number of declarations in Wuhan was only 86 thousand and 900, and in 2016 it had just exceeded 100 thousand people. In 2017, it exceeded 200 thousand, and Wuhan achieved 100% growth.

small city:

drift, counter attack can not go back to hometown in turn have to go back to the hometown of

in first-tier cities of Shanghai drift, deep drift, always feel not go back home, the reason is very simple, the home is very difficult to find a high paying job, or can not find a similar job. But today, although small cities in the industry is still impossible