SONY will start three new PS4 controllers in China, and a number of new lines will also be launched

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youxiputao· 2017-09-02 01:11:33

2017 PlayStation experience will be held in Beijing in September 1st, SONY interactive entertainment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. President Mr. Da Takehito, Gamepoch CEO Chen Yue lady attended the meeting and delivered a speech. At the meeting, Mr. Da Takehito announced three new color DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller global synchronization news, as well as the recent on-line content of the latest trends.

as one of the biggest highlights of this experience, the world's first display of three new colors of DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller, the actual product for the scene brought a small climax. Three handle design, glittering and translucent, full of sense, the colors are "crystal clear", "crystal red" and "crystal blue."". In fact, as early as in the PS2 and PS3 era, PlayStation has appeared transparent handle, by the friends of the players welcome and praise. The launch really brings surprises and more choices for the domestic players.

three handle will be on-line in September 20, 2017, priced at 380 yen, compared with the Japanese version of the original price.

" at the same time, with the three controller launch, SONY will launch PS4 China sparkling DUALSHOCK 4 Limited sets, respectively, the price of 3100 yuan of PS4 Pro set, and PS4 (500GB) package, a person can handle the crystal clear.

8 29 global market of the state line version of the "New Public Golf" has become another "the experience will be the protagonist". As a representative of the PlayStation platform as one of the "Golf" is a very long history of the game series, the first for the "Golf" was born in 1997, is the first generation of PlayStation works on the landing, the "new" golf is a series of Eleventh novels. Make full use of the PS4 function, but also very easy to use, suitable for family entertainment.

, through the game demonstration, it is not difficult to see the game for the golf course environment, really, very attentively. The wind, the court, the terrain, the clubs, etc. are all set according to the way the golf game is played. However, in the way to hit the ball, the use of three times to press the ring button, as long as the timing of the button to grasp accurately, you can play a beautiful shot. As Mr. Da Takehito said at the meeting, this is a "really let the public can easily participate in the golf game, I believe that through this game, will make more new and old game player experience to host the game's fun. Mr. Da Takehito also invited guests together, a live demonstration of the game "multiplayer gameplay, golf veteran and novice showdown makes the atmosphere suddenly alive, although as a veteran out of the" five Ren Shu "did not win, but interesting game process or make people feel" new public "the young and old golf game fun.

early in the 2017PlayStation conference, we have seen the country for many exciting games released plans, including "Dynasty Warriors 8" and "NBA 2K18" so many heavyweight masterpiece. In addition to these famous masterpieces, in China's first domestic platform has been on-line, by China publishers on the PlayStation platform to launch the game CD entity "Hidden Dragon:" to win the game player will also praise. The game publisher Gamepoch CEO Ms. Chen Le also invited to the experience of the scene, and brought another game "spy" Sri Lanka will visit the national platform for news.

" in addition to the hardware and game content, Mr. Da Takehito also updated in recent activities and latest information for us. This year, with the constant acceleration of PlayStation's domestic business, more and more publicity has begun to favour the general public. Beijing, Shanghai and Nanjing three subway advertising, from June to open, continued so far national road show, none of which shows the PlayStation to open the domestic host market efforts. And three days later, in September 4th, PlayStation China will enter the Shanghai cinema, through the movie screen to show 3A host game, masterpiece "Horizon zero dawn" unique charm. "In the past the host game market blank for a long time, the host game has become the domestic market niche product, we hope to let more people know the product through the market activities, let the host game gradually into the public view. "Da Takehito said at the meeting.

" in fact, whether the simultaneous listing of games and hardware, or every kind of interactive activities, PlayStation Chinese has been in constant self breakthrough, bring the ultimate gaming experience while also trying to let more consumers appreciate the charm of the culture of the host for the majority of game player.

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