Female college students were mother "fancy reminder date" recruit sinister"

Zhao Qian female college student mother of Nanning

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," I'm junior, you let me go blind date? "When the mother of the adult" at the table to mention arrangements for colleagues "condition is good," when the son met with her, Guangxi Nanning 20 year old female student Zhou Hong "heart is broken".

dating, the current high heat, is not the exclusive older men and women, such as Zhou Hong young female students are more and more parents get together, very early to be involved in the blind market. Suddenly look back, they have been placed in a blind date, younger age.

female college students encounter mother "fancy reminder blind date"

, Zhao Qianqian 21 years old this year, Anhui people, after this summer vacation will enter the big four. She and her boyfriend recently broke up, did not expect the mother's "blind radar" reached sensitivity level 10, a summer vacation began to give her to "new feelings".

"mother, I'm so young and beautiful that I don't need you to introduce me."! The first time she heard the word "blind date" in her mother's mouth, Zhao Qianqian refused two words.

"young and beautiful, even more need your mother to help you good pass, so as not to be cheated.". "In order to persuade her daughter to go to a blind date, mother used all kinds of methods. The summer internship was scorched by the flames occasion, Zhao Qianqian also Qiangdajingshen with Gesanchaiwu "fancy reminder date".

rainy day, she made the old trouble, want to let mother help rub, but mother grunted, said he did not empty, let her find an object for rubbing; on weekends or holidays, my mother will be "intelligence", I asked her to do, is not mind to know some new friends; then, even with the use of the mother said that she dared introduce certain than Zhao Qianqian ex boyfriend 10 times stronger, not the letter, she can see for yourself.

no matter how mothers Ruanmoyingpao Zhao Qianqian instinctively reject this approach to date. Fate is a naturally occurring decreed by fate, she has been longing for friends, and in her eyes, the blind world, everything in the material conditions for reference, she always felt the feelings of a blind date to indistinct "purpose impure".

for the idea of her mother, called naive, "but you are in the so-called decreed by fate, go out to drink coffee when encountered on taste, and love is nothing more than the need to go out to buy coffee on the table to drink this cup of coffee or a good mother hand picked mill. As long as the result is same, why should we care so much about the process? "

" I'm still so young, not an old girl. Is that so urgent? "She had to step back and take the age as a shield.

"no, it's small."! "Mom is not required to improve the tone," you will soon get married, when friends or your little girl to see a man's eyes are not mature, have more contact with some good men, later will not be cheated. "

and Zhao Qianqian's frustration is different," 20 year old Sun Ni learned that parents help themselves arrange a blind date, almost mad to run away from home.

Sun Ni's parents took xianzhanhouzou way. This thought is an ordinary family dinner, when Sun Ni departed from the school rushed to the hotel, but see the table sat two people. For a time, she was stunned and amazed, deceived, betrayed the emotions from the soles of the feet up to the head.

because her parents are older, she was very strict since she was a child. From high school, arts and science, to the university to volunteer, and now to the blind date, her parents have a strong control over every pass in her life. "I feel the blind date is the condition is not very good, can not find the object by oneself to participate in, why are they so anxious to arrange my blind date, I am in their eyes that bad?" "Sun Ni said aggrieved.

has not been out of school, it was arranged for blind date students, more than Zhao Qianqian and Sun Ni. In micro-blog, watercress, Tianya and other social networking platforms search for "college students" and other words, can find a lot of college students said they were suit to experience, and in many comments Similarly afflicted people pity each other. know; there is a 90 young people was to marry is what kind of experience ", more than 400 the user answered, most people are forced to share their family to arrange the fear.

when the "campus Lolita" with the "successful" Uncle

when the mother repeated blind in Zhao Qianqian's ear nagging object "graduate schools, a few houses, is" split two generation ", and handsome, tall is high", she finally relented and promised during the summer vacation to meet the legend of the "rich handsome".

Zhao Qianqian said, now popular Marie Suzhou, total heroine bow to overbearing president "plot. She's such a girl, not out of society, love has not talked about a few times, for those people in the mouth of the condition of a good man, how many will have some illusions.

coffee shop in the meet, the man was ready, shirt and trousers, sat. Perhaps it was not expected that the woman would be so young, and when he saw Zhao Qianqian coming in, he seemed surprised, and then looked over at her. "

" that look is like some kind of not so lovely animal, use my tongue to make me stick to the ground to lick from beginning to end. "Zhao Qianqian said she had never seen a man so undisguised in his eyes.

"don't you usually make up, or are you in a hurry today?" "Blind date man" asked, also said he likes girls out

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