When all the people at the Charles tribute to Princess Diana in where?

The people the queen Philip the car accident

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1997" in August 31st, Diana suffered a car accident death of a beauty in Paris, leaving the two princes and people who love her endless pain. For 20 years, Princess Diana has been remembered for her beauty, dignity, kindness, love and charity. On the occasion of the 20 year anniversary of Princess Diana's death, people expressed her memory in various ways in her former residence, Kensington palace.

" tens of thousands of people in Kensington Diana photos, ectopic suspension placed flowers, writing card, remember "Scotland rose".

, people shed tears in kensington.

" was the grief of the people.

in France, people also held a memorial service near the scene of the car accident.

8" on Sept. 30, Prince William and Prince Harry also came to the Kensington Palace, again after a lapse of 20 years to his mother's portrait, they offer flowers, as of the past 20 years have never left the princess in their heart miss.

" on the same day, Kate also accompanied the two princes held a memorial service at Kensington Palace memorial garden, garden decorated with white roses and fragrant Narcissus, in contrast to green plants is pure and noble and full of vitality. The chief gardener of the garden is introducing Princess Diana's favorite flowers to William and his wife.

" when everyone is missing the beautiful princess, when hold various commemorative activities, where Prince Charles? According to British media reports, on the anniversary of the day, Prince Charles is not in London, but with his parents stay in Barr, Moler. The picture shows Prince Charles driving out.

, that day, the queen and Prince Philip also drove out each other, driving the queen a thoughtful. Then, after the death of Princess Diana, the queen did not stay in the coming days to Balmoral, she suffered public criticism.

, when the queen and Prince Philip in the courtyard of Kensington, to see the people dedicated to the princess's bouquet.

, Prince Charles and the two little princes walking past the bouquet in Kensington palace. 20 years later, I don't know what position Diana is in Prince Charles's eyes On this special day, how did he miss his old wife?

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