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" because of his disability to find work, 4 different provinces, and people love to sing together, set up a team of disabled artists. Recently, when they came to Anhui Fuyang city streets to sing, jump square dance aunt who was touched by their perseverance, in order to provide convenience for the disabled singers performed, had his usual venue let out … …

" according to the music team Wan Liang introduced, because the road is not familiar with, in the evening when nearly 7 points, they found the right position. "At that time, a group of ladies are dancing in the square dance here, when they put their mentally disturbed situation and each other is introduced, did not think the aunt who are very excited, take the initiative to stop their activities, we give the site performance. "He was touched by 3 other team members," Wan said. The picture shows the performance of 4 disabled singers in a roadside square in downtown Fuyang in August 28th.

"said the man at thirty, I was 29 years old that year because of a car accident and lost his left leg and left arm, but I always have a dream, I can't live muddle along without any aim … … although we are disabled, but the psychological is healthy and sunny. "Music player Wan Liang finished singing a song, told about his unfortunate experience. "We have disabled people can live, so the sun and efforts, for the normal body of you, there is no reason not to work hard?" "Wan Liang (left)" turned a word, attracted applause at the scene.

, according to Wan Liang, in the two years after the accident, he has been locked himself in the room. He said he dared not go out of the house. If you go out, you will always feel that others will talk about themselves, and worry about your appearance will be looked down upon by others. "By chance, he found a disabled person who liked singing on the Internet. He joined the group as a child and joined the family very quickly. Pictured in August 29th, Wan Liang in a rented Hotel laundry.

28 years old Li Dong from Sichuan, childhood paralysis caused by polio paralysis. He who loves singing begins to walk out of the house in 2010 and live in singing in his wheelchair.

2016" in October, Li Dong, Wan Liang and Henan disabled young Yuan Ming and the Hubei disabled Xiao Yang, four saved money to buy a second-hand van, to the secondary market Amoy to audio equipment, composed of disabled artists team. All over the country to their own personal experience of inspirational performance. Pictured in August 29th, Li Dong is performing a "fancy" wheelchair show for the public.

Wan Liang said, the venue of choice, they will perform in the square, park and other places, to avoid the impact of traffic, the performance of time can be set according to the situation, make every effort to do without disturbing. In August 29th, in the show scene, a citizen was in front of 4 small Shencanzhijian optimistic spirit moved into the floor, with a dedication of love their children.

" because of physical reasons, making a living outside the disabled singer actually have a lot of helpless, but no matter what difficulties, they will encourage each other, the face of strong. Pictured in August 29th, in the rented small hotel, Wan Liang and Li Dong (right) in exchange for songs singing skills.

Wan Liang said, they usually rest during the day, and at night they will go to the streets to sing and perform. If you have rainy weather, you can't go out for concerts for days at a time. "Sometimes one day except meals and accommodation, may not have money, just standing on the stage at night, and will forget all the troubles, to devote to the concert. "He said that when they heard applause from the scene, they found the value of their lives. He hoped that he and his handicapped friends could one day step on the larger stage and sing their unyielding life. (photograph: Han Zhen)

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